How to Ensure Mobile App Security

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How to Ensure Mobile App Security




Over the past decade, with the introduction of Smartphones, mobile apps are becoming more & more popular. There are apps available from taxi hiring, food delivery, Banking to personal health. But have we ever thought about how much secured are these apps

Since Smartphone’s are used by a large population across the globe, with mobile apps having access to vital information like credit card details, password, address, contacts, messages etc they are vulnerable to cyber attacks & hackers looking for the information.

A very strong security protocol should be implemented while developing the app. And user must be aware of certain important security issues before installing & providing information access to apps.

1) The level of security app gaining access to financial details.
eg . money transfer apps, banking apps, mobile wallets etc.

2) Security protocols in apps having access to contacts, messaging, gallery.
eg. Photo sharing apps, messaging apps.

3) How much secure are file sharing apps.

4) Any app wanting access to health attributes.

5) Are communication over apps secured?

Steps to be taken to ensure security & safety

Do not use free codes from unverified source

We are living in the age of internet where we can have access to any information within seconds. Taking advantage of this, many coders have built codes that can be used in various application but most of the time these free codes contains malicious program that can create lot of problems for the person using it. These free codes can cause leakage of information or malfunctioning of the app. So it is highly recommended to not use any free codes from unverified sources because coding is really difficult and if someone is offering it for free than it could be a red signal.

Do not implement Weak Encryption policy

With the rapid pace of changing technology , you cannot rely on encryption policies of 2010 in 2016. App developers must update themselves with the latest encryption-decryption technologies and test their apps accordingly. Since apps often use personal information for login or data like emails, credit card number etc. hence a weak encryption could be easily hacked. Therefore making sure the latest and good encryption policy is extremely important for app security.

Do not Rush through Security Testing

As a professional app developer, you should never rush to release the app without properly applying the security and testing modules. Test every software and hardware element like camera, GPS, sensors, and the platform. Any weak link is vulnerable to hackers and can cause issues.

Use Source Code Encryption

A large part of the code resides on the client side with UI elements & the App workflow. Hackers target these codes to gain access to information or inserting malware into the code & share. This problem can be solved by implementing strong security measures on app while coding. Developers should embed various tools to detect & assure any security lapse in the code. Encrypting the source code could be very effective in ensuring the security & safety of mobile apps.

We strongly work to make all our apps as much secured as possible by following strict measures, guidelines, tools & original codes.

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