Key Areas Covered Under IoT



IoT (Internet of Things) is just to connect maximum potential objects for making maximum interaction and providing ease to human life.

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Google Unveils A Few Brilliant Features For its Users



Google Assistant has become more interactive with its users: Ask and you shall receive! With the blessing of AI features, enjoy creating collages automatically and transform the monotonous photos into stylish ones.

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GDPR Training and Certification Course to Protect Your Data


GDPR Training

With a proper GDPR Training Course, you feel way too confident as you know that your data and information is less prone threats and in safe hands.Hence, one needs to get proper GDPR Training and Certification done as it would affect the business.

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Vehicle Booking App The Best Startup Model for Entrepreneurs


There are very few instances in history of business, when a certain idea has turned the industry upside down and create a billion dollar company within few years of its launch.

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Taxi App Development

How To Take Your Mobile App Global



With Smartphone use increasing day by day, mobile app usage is also growing. According to reports, nearly 200,000 million app downloads in 2017 which is expected to reach 350,000 million downloads in 2021.

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How To Start A Business Like Uber? Read This First



Few years ago, maintaining a successful transportation company or a Cab service was a daunting task that required huge manpower & man-management skills.

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Taxi App Development

Internet of things & its Applications


IoT, Home Automation

You must have heard about the term ‘Internet of things’ somewhere on the internet. But what really is Internet of things and what possibly are its applications in practical life, Let’s find out

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IoT, Home Automation

The Future Wonders of Virtual Reality



You can really visualize your sofas, kitchen, drawers and the cupboard and even things like Clock and other minute details through Virtual reality.

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Virtual Reality

What is Kotlin- The Official Language of Android?


Google just announced in Google I/O 2017 that kotlin would be the first class language for android. Now it is to be noted that it is not replacing java or C++ but works a compatible programming language with respect to today’s requirement.

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Why Taxi Business Needs Mobile App To Insane Growth


Business, Mobile App

Life without Smartphone in today's competitive world is unimaginable. By 2018, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a Smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.53 billion Smartphone users in the worl

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