Points to look before starting Taxi booking app based business.

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Points to look before starting Taxi booking app based business.


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With UBER, OLA & LYFT reaching new heights and have revolutionized the traditional cab booking industry, more entrepreneur are looking to enter the industry with their own Taxi booking app startups but do not jump into any random developer for your Unicor

Check these important points before starting: 

Portfolio of the Company/ Team:  

Don’t hire an amateur company or a team that is working for the first time on the taxi App. 

Look for someone who has already delivered a uber clone taxi app complete solution. This will saves you a lot of time as well as the mismanagement & loss of money that may occur with amateur developers.

This will saves you a lot of time and money as well as the mismanagement that may occur with amateur team. 

User Interface:

User Interface of the app should be user-friendly. All the important call to actions button must be clearly and cleanly designed with smooth transition & minimum lagging within the functioning of the app. The flow of activities must be clear & simple.


Since a uber clone app has to be integrated with GPS tracking, Google Maps & various other technology for the smooth functioning of the app. Make sure all the integration are done properly and work accordingly. 

Payment Gateway: 

Implementation of Payment Gateway must be done exceptionally as it is the main part of the business aspect for the App. The fare charges, distance traveled, discount to be offer, Payment modules etc are done through the payment gateway itself. Expertise on this implementation is the most important aspect to look into before hiring someone to develop the app

The Platforms App supports :  

People use various Smartphone, Tablets, iPad etc of different sizes and OS, so the App must be compatible with all the platforms with proper functioning with real transitions.

The Driver App functioning:  

Many time Entrepreneurs ignore the importance of driver’s app cause lose money & time later on improving its working.

The Driver app must be designed well according to the work ethics of drivers and it should be easy to operate & understand so that drivers have no complexity in working with the app.

The process & flow of accepting the booking request is as important as a passenger sending a booking request, so it must be designed accordingly.

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