How To Take Your Mobile App Global

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How To Take Your Mobile App Global



With Smartphone use increasing day by day, mobile app usage is also growing. According to reports, nearly 200,000 million app downloads in 2017 which is expected to reach 350,000 million downloads in 2021. The market size is tremendous & ever-increasing. It is the best time to develop a mobile app & take it to users worldwide, but it's not that easy. That's why we have researched and planned out various successful techniques to market your app worldwide.

1. Explore your target audience

Find out countries that have a high number of Smartphone users and explore the presence of your target audience in those countries.

2. Look at Your Competitors

Research carefully about apps that are similar to your app, find out their usage details, their success ratio, their strong points, and even weak points. What value or unique features are you providing against your competitors. For example, there is no point in making another clone of FB, Twitter, or Snapchat.

3. The taste of your target audience

Audience acceptability is very vital. Make sure your app does not perform anything your target audience does not accept traditionally and culturally.

4. Pricing

If you are making an app to make money, then research well on customers' buying capacity & market size of your target industry.

5. Easy to understand for the audience

The app should be created as per the locale language, currency, and friendly user.

6. Colors

Use colors accordingly. In some countries, red is perceived as bad, whereas some countries use red for all good things. Example: In North America and Europe, blue represents trust, safety, power, and peace. But it can also represent depression, loneliness, and darkness. Hence we use the term often as having "the blues." Use appropriate colors as per your audience's culture and traditions.

7. Graphics & Design

Implement some design elements that are identifiable with the target audience. For example, using the Great Wall of China for App for Chinese or Using Tajmahal as some symbol in the design element for the audience in India will provide more appeal to the local users.

8. Translations

The world speaks different languages & to takes your app worldwide. You have to use translations in the app very effectively. Take an example of Google, how easy it has done a translation for users, which has given a tremendous reach to Google on a global level.

According to reports, when an app is translated into local languages, the revenue increases by 26%, and download increases by more than 100%. In addition, translation will increase users' loyalty, faith and it is easy for them to understand.

These are the most used languages for mobile apps in the world:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Russian

9. App Launch

The mobile apps are majorly available through the App store, i.e., Apple store & Google Play for Android. But these are not the only two platforms to launch your app. In China, app developers use Baidu, the second-largest distributor in the world, instead of Google Play. Similarly, other platforms are more famous in different countries. So try to use the most effective app launching platform to reach a maximum audience.

10. Use Social Media

Connect your app with different social media platforms available in other countries. For example, Renren in china, MXit in South Africa, Odnoklassniki in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, V Kontakte in Russia, Facebook in the USA. Allow users to signup or log in through social media and make marketing plans for social media platforms to attract more users.

11. Make Website

You can also develop a website about your app and target your audience through Search Engine Optimization for that particular country.

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