The Future Wonders of Virtual Reality

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The Future Wonders of Virtual Reality



You can really visualize your sofas, kitchen, drawers and the cupboard and even things like Clock and other minute details through Virtual reality.

1) Flying like Birds

Researchers at Zurich University’s Interaction Design Program have developed an advance realistic program that will let user to enjoy the ultimate experience of flying like a bird . The program has been named as birdly and it is a step beyond VR experience on headset and headphones.

2) Riding in real-life roller coasters

With No Limits 2 experience the riding in super cool roller coasters with Oculus Rift. It is an immersive experience which allows users to put hands in the air, go upside down and even feel the gravity. The experience is as real as it can gets and with its compatibility on Oculus Rift , you do not have to buy other expensive gadgets .It also allow you to make your own rides, which makes the experience even better.

3) Visit your college campus

Yes, it is real , the coming VR technology is so advanced that you can visit yours any other available school, college’s campus and have an extraordinary realistic experience. A website named Youvisit has made available this experience which is compatible with oculus rift. It is loaded with videos and pics of thousands of international colleges and universities, just put on the rift or even your VR headset and you are good to go to walk around, look around and explore the colleges, schools.

4) Visualize your home before it’s build

Building a home is a very important milestone of an individual’s life, we want the best for our home but designing it is a very difficult aspect also if there is some disagreement in the structure or the interiors than rebuilding is a daunting and expensive task. But not any more, because Arch Virtual had made it possible to visualize your dream home even before it is built by producing a VR application for makers of buildings of all kinds. It is one of its kind advanced application that Uses Computer models , the digital blueprints and develops a realistic animation of the building and its interior. You can really visualize your sofas, kitchen , the drawer and the cupboard and even things like Clock and other minute details. An experience which is worth a watch.

5) Gender Swap

Yes , you heard it right, VR technology is developing at such a rapid pace that now you can switch your gender also. The very famous Be Another Lab is working on a project namely “The Machine to Be Another” which will let you to swap genders. The main purpose of this project is to teach empathy by visualizing things from other person perspective. Lets see how much of its is really useful.

6) VR Skydiving

Volo Airsport has come up with application that let user experience Skydiving in the most realistic way. Its not just the headset but there is a proper setting with various other VR gadgets and props. There is a hand controller, your virtual guide to support you and you are suspended with ropes that will give you exact experience of diving in the blue sky.

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Virtual Reality

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