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Competition, originality, and recognition among users are nonexistent in today's world of social media. The makers of Hoptrend focused in on these areas and have created an app that provides every single user with the ability to be creative and get rewarded for it. Users (Hoppers) earn points by creating and identifying “hot trends” before others do on a user-created trend market. Hoptrend is made for users of all ages who want to stay updated with the latest trends, express themselves, and gain recognition. The free app will be available within weeks this for Apple and Android early Fall '14. To be the one of the first to download, visit, click “Alert Me”, and get notified when the app goes live.

-What’s a Trend? 
A trend can be anything. It can be news, an idea, a new fashion or social trend, anything the creator wants it to be as long as it hasn’t been posted already. That’s what separates Hoptrend from typical social media- the only way to be the top Hopper is to have unique ideas and skills at spotting trends before others do. Users can begin a trend by simply taking a photo and giving it a unique title, that’s it!

-Point System 
Hoptrend features a point system where trends gain or lose value depending on how many other users join them. All trends hold a value equal to the number of people that are supporting it (Hopped On) and once a trend is started, it will last seven days allowing others to Hop On, add their own photos, comments, and share with the world.

-Trending Now? 
With Hoptrend, users will be able to view trends relevant to them through the “What’s Hoppin” section. Hoppers will be able to see popular trends amongst their friends, school, location, world, etc. Visiting a city or traveling? See what's hoppin before getting there. The information received is coming from others who are the source of what’s actually trending and relevant.

-Equality for Users 
In today’s social media, users rarely receive attention unless they have thousands of friends or followers. A differentiator of Hoptrend is that all Hoppers have the ability to gain recognition due to unique trend titles. Once a viral trend is created, there is no way for anyone (not even famous celebrities) to re-create, re-tweet, or re-post the trend without recognizing the original creator.

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