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The Street Runner


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You will get a new experience as in the real world everyone is running in an endless race. Our earth is round shaped and we all are running in the same path.

Street Runner lets you control the animated runner with easy controls racing through the city landscapes, collecting points. Starting with a slow and steady speed, the runner picks speed as the game moves on. The controller has to ensure that the character runs and jumps the gaps between the 360-degree-circling buildings, escaping a fall, making it highly engaging for the gamer. Along ways, the character keeps on collecting the coins, which adds to his overall tally. In a single play, the gamer gets 3 lives. The game, perfectly suitable for a small kid, as well as a senior citizen, has different levels, and with each advancing level, it becomes more intriguing and amazing.

The game is integrated with social media features, through which you can share your achievements on your social profiles. Street Runner has an appealing design format and smooth and seamless navigation, which makes it easily adaptable. 

You will be amazed that every feature in the game will tell you fact/traits of real world:

  1. Coins – You can take as much coins as you can depend upon your ability. In real world, every one begins their life’s journey with empty hands & depending upon their ability they earn money from the world.
  2. Unlimited Life - Never give up.
  3. Real World Race – Sometime in life you will get things at early stages of life and sometime it will take time and extra efforts.
  4. Beat your competitors – In real world, everyone will get chances to beat your competitors. Choose your competitors widely because your competitors will define your path of success.
  5. Keep Playing – A failure is not always a mistake it may simply the best one. One can do under the circumstance the real mistake is to stop trying.
  6. Keep Moving.

The addictive mega-hit “The Street Runner” is now out for Android! A Universal App with HD optimized graphics
Here is our cute The Street Runner Game. Our earth is round shaped and we all are running in the same path. You will be amazed that every feature in the game will tell you facts/traits of real world. Help him in this adventure, addictive game!

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