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DevOps Consulting Company

DevOps Services

What Is DevOps?

DevOps combines software development and operations that combine these two disciplines to accentuate communication, Partnership, and solidarity between the traditionally separate developer and IT operational teams. DevOps is a specialized approach for overcoming the challenges faced by organizations in the present times. It pertains to combining the cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that enhance the organization’s capability to deliver applications and services at a much higher velocity. It leads to the evolution and improvement in products at a much faster pace than organizations through the utilization of traditional software development and infrastructural management procedures.

DevOps service provider

Our Devops Services Include An End To End Automated Practices

Today, companies have to leverage this innovative concept to eliminate the long app development cycles and legacy procedures for gaining a competitive edge. This specialized approach is being meant for bridging the gap between development and also operation. It can also be referred to as an engineering culture that aims to combine software development and services for strengthening collaboration and communication in a better way among the teams.

Our Company Is The Leading Devops Services Provider

Our DevOps services include an end-to-end and automated practice that assists organizations in bridging gaps between development & operations. We are the leading service provider that aims to accelerate the time to market, enhance efficiency and add value to the client’s organizations by following certain specific practices.

How Does It Work?

Under this particular model, both the development & operations teams no longer seem to be siloed. At times, the two teams are merged into a single team where the experts work all across the applications lifecycle, ranging from development, testing, and operations. Thus the range of skills is being developed that is not limited to a single specified function. In a few of the DevOps models, both the security and quality control team can also become integrated with development & operations throughout the application cycle. When security becomes the central point for everyone on this DevOps team, this is being referred to as the DevSecOps. Such teams will be utilizing the practices for automating processes that were earlier manual or merely slow. The technology stack and various other tooling devices have operated and evolved applications fast and reliably. These specialized tools also assist engineers in accomplishing tasks that would normally require help from various other teams. These further fasten up the velocity of teams.

Are you looking for DevOps consulting services?

Why Choose Grepix Infotech for Database Consulting

Why Choose Us

We, at Grepix Infotech, a leading DevOps consulting company to offer creating DevOps applications.

This section highlights six DevOps principles we deem essential when adopting or migrating to a DevOps way of working.

Customer-Centric Action

These days, it is imperative to possess short feedback loops with real clients and end-users and incorporate all activity in developing IT products & services. Moreover, to meet the clients' specific requirements, the companies should have the guts to act as lean startups that innovate continuously.

Develop With The End In Mind

We must let go of the off waterfall and procedure-oriented models where every unit or an individual works for a specific role. It is thus necessary to act as the product firms that explicitly focus on developing working products that are being sold to actual customers.

End-To-End Responsibility

We develop IT solutions and then hand them over to Operations to deploy and maintain these solutions. In a DevOps environment, teams are vertically organized such that they are fully accountable from concept to grave. IT products or services created and delivered by these teams remain under the responsibility of these stable groups. These teams also provide performance support until they become end-of-life, significantly enhancing the engineered products' commitment and quality.

Cross-Functional & Autonomous Teams

In product companies with verticals, the ultimately responsible teams must become entirely independent throughout the entire lifecycle. It requires balancing specialized skills and fully highlights the requirement for team members with T- shaped around profiles and not the old school IT specialists.

Continuous Improvement

Organizations should be flexible enough to adapt to the changing circumstances continuously. In the DevOps culture, an extreme focus is on continuous improvement to minimize waste and optimize speed.

Automate Everything You Can

Think of automation of not only the software development process (continuous delivery, including continuous integration and continuous deployment) but also of the whole infrastructure landscape by building next-gen container-based cloud platforms that allow infrastructure to be versioned and treated as code as well. Automation is synonymous with the drive to renew how the team delivers its services.

Why Choose DevOps

Benefits of DevOps

  • Businesses can utilize intelligence while taking decisions
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Early identification of all risks about products or services
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Increase collaboration between teams
  • Cost reduction due to sustainable and stable operating environment 

Get Ready To Plan Outsmart, Build Fast & Execute At A Higher Speed

Our company can transform the enterprise fully towards this innovative DevOps culture with the highest quality standards. Our team thoroughly understands the specific industry requirements, inter-dependencies, scope, and scalability across various platforms. Our team addresses all complex scenarios with the extremely well-designed infrastructure that best supports developmental and operational activities. Our team promises complete agility, reliability, and flexibility in all committed projects. We also develop the utmost trust and security in our relationships with the clients.

Our company delivers significant value to the clients in the below-mentioned form
  • Early detection of defects
  • Quick time to market
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in manual requirements & overheads
  • Enhanced visibility & traceability

We Help Companies To Develop And Deploy Software In A Collaborative Way

From initial strategy, planning to delivery, and support, our DevOps team, possess the right expertise, skills, and tools for accelerating the integration of dev/test efforts. This also leads to an increase in automation level for producing top-quality applications and specialized services quickly and efficiently. Thus, our dedicated DevOps service is an effective option for organizations searching for ways to accelerate the transformative journey and have a software delivery foundation that highly experienced professionals are centrally managing.

Our DevOps Services Facilitate Quality & Agility In Software Development

With our world-class DevOps consulting solutions, we assist organizations in developing and deploying the software in a highly collaborative manner. We develop a stimulating environment for facilitating quality & agility in software development.

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