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About InDriver App

Launch Your Bid N Ride Like Taxi App

As a customer, you may easily discover a ride or other service you need and agree on a fair rate with your driver or service provider using the excellent bidding software inDrive (inDriver Clone). With a standard drive app, you can earn more money as a driver than a taxi driver because you can set your own hours and choose which rides to accept. The same is true for our service providers and couriers.

OFFER YOUR FARE: InDriver clone offers you a customised, surge-free rideshare experience as an alternative to your cab booking app. Here, you select the driver and set the fare, not the algorithm. Like a taxi booking app, we don't base our price on time and mileage.

SELECT YOUR DRIVER: Unlike other taxi booking apps, inDriver clone gives you the option of selecting your driver from a list of those who accepted your request for a ride. You can choose them using our ride app based on their price offer, car model, arrival time, rating, and the number of trips successfully completed. We stand apart from other cab apps thanks to our flexibility of choice.

An inDriver clone app is a ready-made app solution that copies the features and operation of the well-known inDriver ride-hailing app. Using the ride-hailing platform inDriver, customers may directly bargain prices with drivers, giving both sides an interesting and adaptable experience. Without having to start from scratch, business owners and entrepreneurs may easily develop their own ride-hailing platform using an inDriver clone software.

New services launched in Our inDriver clone app
  • Freight Service
  • Courier Service
food delivery app development
indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script
indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script
inDriver Clone App

Benefits Of Bid N Ride Freight For Logistics

uber clone app

In this service, the customer can choose any carriage option for himself sent by the drivers with the price. With this freight service, the customers are the ones who can decide which is the best carriage option for them, and you can also offer your price to the driver directly. If the driver is satisfied with your offers, he will accept your offer. Otherwise, he will respond to your request with his price.

We also provide one more feature that users can also select the transport vehicle according to their own choices like a mini truck or a large truck or anything suitable for them according to their need.

Why is Freight Courier important?

Shipping services for freight are cost-effective and ideal for large, heavy, or complex objects. It offers a wide range of international freight forwarding services, and it can handle anything you have to transport, regardless of weight, size, or shape. Now we are offering a freight service which will provide users with quick and efficient delivery and reduce your delivery expenses even more.

indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script
indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script
What We Offer In Our Indriver Clone Script

Bid N Ride App

The Indriver Clone software is simple to use. Simply download the app from your app store, then make an account to begin going. After logging in, you may enter your pickup and destination to view the drivers in your region who are available. The automobile model, driver's rating, and anticipated arrival time will all be displayed. From there, you can haggle the fare in real time with the driver. If the price is acceptable to you, you can confirm the reservation, and the driver will pick you up at the specified place.

You can also start your own taxi company with our clone script. The script includes both a driver and a passenger system to have your own business from the ground up. If you are still uncertain about proceeding with your taxi app development company, contact us today to assist with how it works. We offer taxi app development services throughout the globe.

One advantage of using InDriver clone is the ability to enter your chosen fare at the start of the ride request. Negotiations will be more streamlined and effective because drivers will know exactly how much you are willing to pay for the ride. A "price boost" function that InDriver clone provides enables users to charge drivers more money during busy periods or peak hours. In busy periods when other rideshare apps might not have drivers available, this might help ensure that you get a trip.

Indriver clone app ratings and reviews by users: Consumers who are on a tight budget have taken a quick liking to InDriver clone. Users all across the world have given the app great ratings and favourable reviews. Users value the app's distinctive pricing structure, which encourages openness and equity between riders and drivers. They also like how easy it is to connect with nearby drivers, track your journey, and pay for your trip all in one location thanks to the app's user-friendly UI.

Users also value InDriver clone safety features since they give passengers an extra measure of security. While travelling, the "SOS" and "Share My Ride" features help passengers feel safe and secure, and the driver rating system makes sure that passengers are matched with trustworthy drivers.

indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script
indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script

Passenger App Features

A feature-rich Indriver clone passenger app provides seamless services to your customers.

Negotiate Fare with Driver
Get Driver’s Information
Accept/Decline Offer
Real-time Tracking
Become A Driver
Estimated Fare breakup
indriver clone
Negotiate Fare with Driver
Rider can share his price for the trip with the driver. The driver will accept or can share his offer with the rider.
indriver clone app
Get Driver’s Information
After the driver accepts a ride, a rider can view the driver's details like –name, image and will be able to call and chat with the driver..
indriver clone script
Accept/Decline Offer
Rider can Accept/Decline the offered price quoted by the drivers. Thus, there is no miscommunication possibility between them.
indriver clone
Real-time Tracking
Rider will get real-time updates and notifications for ride accepted, estimated time of driver arrival, begin ride, end ride or cancel..
indriver clone app
Become A Driver
After login as a rider, rider can apply to become a driver, and only they have to add additional information to become a driver through the same app.
indriver clone script
Estimated Fare breakup
Rider can view the fare estimates of the ride (based on the selected vehicle category and locations).
indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script
indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script

Driver App Features

Indrivr clone driver app are equipped with all the features required to keep drivers happy and tied to the platform.

Switch Profile As A Rider
Driver’s Availability
Accept/Reject Ride
Driver Details
Bid For His Fare
Switch Profile As A Rider
Rider can apply to become a driver, and they have to add additional information to become a driver through the same app.
indriver clone
Driver’s Availability
Driver can switch their availability anytime to Online /Offline. Driver wouldn’t receive a ride request while the driver is offline.
indriver clone app
Accept/Reject Ride
Once the rider bids his price, the drivers have three choices to accept, reject, and bid for a higher price. This feature allows drivers to choose their rides.
indriver clone script
Driver Details
Driver will upload their documents like Id proof, License and registration certificate at the time of registration. Admin will verify the documents uploaded by drivers.
indriver app clone
Bid For His Fare
Driver can send his offered price to the rider or can accept the request on the rider’s quoted price.
indriver clone
Drivers can view their daily, monthly earnings, including total trips also driver has an option to view his wallet current balance and details.
indriver clone app
indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script
indriver app clone
indriver clone source code
indriver clone

Admin Panel Features

Revenue Manager

Admin can track daily, weekly, monthly and total earnings.

Driver Verification

Admin will approve the documents uploaded by the driver.

Roles Manager

Admin can create sub admins that will perform different roles as per their roles assignment.


Admin can track daily reports & transactions by using multiple filter options.

Transaction Manager

Detail of all the trips, including fare, driver and rider details.

Wallet Manager

Admin can manage all transactions using the wallet.

indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone script
indriver clone
indriver clone app
indriver clone source code

Bid N Ride Indriver Clone Screenshots

Bid N Ride Indriver apps are equipped with all the features required to keep drivers happy and tied to the platform.

Passenger App
Driver App
Take A Demo

Demo Of Bid N Ride Indriver Clone

Over 1000+ clients all over the world

Key Features

Bid N Ride Indriver Clone Script

  • Multi-language1

    We offered different languages in our app. It will help to solve the rider's communication concerns.

  • Multi-currency2

    We integrate numerous local currency integration features to provide more easy services to your customer.

  • Multi-payment 3

    We integrated with many popular payment gateways with multiple payment methods such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, etc.

  • Negotiate fare with driver4

    Rider can share his price for the trip with the driver. The driver will accept or can share his offer with the rider.

indriver clone source code
  • 5Real-time tracking of driver

    The rider can get the real-time status of the driver like, on the way, estimated arrival time, etc.

  • 6Referrals and rewards

    Let's users and drivers invite their friends and help you to increase the user and driver base. If any referral joins, then the referee will get benefits.

  • 7Trip history

    Know your ride details, route and, how much you were charged in the trip history section.

  • 8Ride Now or Later

    A rider can book a taxi ride now Or schedule rides by using the calendar with a later date and time by using the "ride later" option.

What You Get

Complementary Benefits

We have built this product after surveying 200+ taxi companies worldwide in the last five years! So stay ahead in the taxi industry with our unique development strategies.

indriver clone

Server Installation

Once the purchase is completed, we install our Indriver clone script to your server free of cost. Then, within a short span, we help you to make your script live.

indriver app clone

App Submission

We will handle everything involved in submitting the app to the app stores and making it available for download. The finished product will be available to our customers LIVE on the market.

indriver clone app

Free Bug Support

We strive relentlessly to ship products that meet or exceed expectations in both quality and reliability. If there is a serious problem with our product, we will happily fix it without charging.

indriver clone script

Real-Time Support

We're available via email, WhatsApp, and Skype whenever you need us! All of our support services, whether technical, non-technical, or maintenance-related, are delivered promptly.

indriver clone

Complete Source Code

You will get a complete source code based on your bundle selection. 100% source code means that clients have the privilege to change, add, or amend them as per their requirements.

indriver app clone

Help Following App Rejection

You can count on our support even after the sale is finalized. We're prepared to take the rejection of our app in stride and work to improve it so that it meets the store's standards.

indriver clone app

Native iOS & Android Apps

Indriver Clone Taxi development in Native apps.
iOS: Swift / ObjectiveC
Android: Java / Kotlin

indriver clone script

Technical Support

For any third-party services, such as payment gateways, SMS gateways, server installations, and more, our expert staff will help you manage all the accounts.

indriver clone

White Labeling

We'll give you an Indriver clone taxi app that you can brand with your own name and logo at no cost.

How To Earn Money

Revenue Models

For any business, it is crucial to understand how to generate revenue from a taxi business. In addition, the sustainability of a business depends on consistent income. So we're happy to tell you that our product is more flexible to adopt any of the following models.

Commission Model

Indriver's commission model is the most widely used and trendy model to generate revenue. For example, a company can charge a percentage of the total ride cost. It can vary from 5% - 40%. In our product, the administrator can control the commission from the admin panel in real time.

Surge Pricing

Every company, including Uber, Ola, has implemented surge pricing. It's also referred to as dynamic pricing or time-based pricing. The company can strategize the model where the admin can control the price based on the current customer's demand. A company can also make it static by implementing time-based pricing.

Cancellation Fee

Companies can charge a cancellation fee to generate profit from customers when they escape from pre-bookings. In our product, the company can set or control the cancellation fee from the admin panel in real time.

Subscription Model [Add-on Feature]

Subscription is another trendy model for Ridesharing or taxi apps. Companies can charge a fixed fee based on the number of rides or periods. These days, drivers prefer a subscription model as it saves money and caps a fee for a period.

Mix of Commission and Subscription [Add-on Feature]

The best way to manage the pricing structure for Taxi apps is commission + subscription. To retain the drivers and to keep them happy, Taxi companies can offer them a choice where they can decide on their own whether they want to pay the subscription fee or are happy to pay the commission on the rides they will complete.

In-App Ads
[Add-on Feature]

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global mobile advertising market is projected to grow from $96.46 billion in 2021 to $782.12 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 34.8% in the forecast period. Companies can also generate profits by putting ads inside the mobile applications. We have a ready module to manage the ads at runtime in the apps and runtime reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indriver Clone App FAQ's

Here you find the most frequently asked questions about Bid N Ride Indriver clone taxi app.

Passenger App
Driver App
Admin Panel

General Faqs

1. What programming languages and frameworks are used in Indriver clone taxi app?

We have used these technologies in our taxi app at the following:
iOS app: Objective C and Swift
Android app: Java and Kotlin
Backend: PHP
Database: MySQL

2. What maps are used in the app?

We have used Apple Maps for the iOS App and Google Maps for the Android App.

3. What platform is used for push notifications?

We have used the firebase and custom-made.

4. Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we will provide free technical support for the first three months. We will continue to offer support with the modifications, but it will be compensated.

5. Do you extend support after three months of free support?

Yes, we include additional paid support packages after three months of free support. According to business requirements, you can extend technical support at any time.

6. What is the Android target-level API?

compileSdkVersion 33
minSdkVersion 21
targetSdkVersion 33

7. How many users a taxi app support seamlessly?

We already do robust testing with 1000s of live drivers. So we can assure you that there is no limit for users and drivers.

8. Will I get complete training regarding how to use the taxi app?

Yes, we will provide a complete training session.

9. In what time zone do you operate?

We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message at [email protected] or call +91-886-021-3347.

10. How quickly can I establish my company and launch my app?

It takes 2-3 weeks maximum to set up the application. We have an experienced team to meet your needs efficiently and without any delays.

Passenger App

1. How many passengers can add in the Taxi App solution?

There are no limits to add the passengers. It offers a powerful, dynamic, and accurate response to each and every trip request.

2. To whom will the passenger profile be accessible?

Only the administrative panel of the taxi firm has access to passenger profiles.

3. Can a taxi company block a particular passenger?

Yes. Taxi companies can block any passenger at any time.

4. What should be done if the driver rejects the passenger request?

The passenger app is made in such a way that it only takes a few seconds to receive confirmation from the driver. The trip request will be forwarded to the next driver available if the driver declines a particular trip.

5. Can passengers view the details of the driver who accepts the trip request?

Yes. Once the trip request is approved, passengers can examine the driver's name, picture, taxi number, driver reviews, projected arrival time, and even call the driver directly.

6. Can passengers cancel the trip while the driver is on the way to pick up the location?

Yes. Passengers can cancel the ride while the driver is on the way to the pickup location. However, passengers will be charged a cancellation fee.

7. Can passengers know the driver’s estimated time of arrival at the pickup location?

Yes. Once the trip request is accepted, the passenger can know it.

8. What is the trip history?

Trip history provides all details of the previous bookings. This helps passengers plan the trip, compare trip details, and keep track of payments and e-receipts.

9. Can passengers track the route of their ongoing trips?

Yes. The passenger app has a GPS locator that lets people see where the trip is going.

10. How does the waiting timer work? How are the charges calculated?

A waiting timer is one unique feature in taxi app solutions where passengers can halt the taxi in the middle of a trip for a specific time period and then start the trip from that point to the destination. This waiting time is calculated and charged based on the taxi company's norms.

11. Can passengers pay using a credit card for the trip in advance?

No. Passengers can pay the taxi fare only after the completion of the trip.

12. What is the benefit of saving the credit card details and setting the card as the default?

Any credit or debit card can be set as the default so that it will be the only one used to pay for taxi fare. Passengers can keep one or more card details in the passenger app. The default credit card can always be changed by the passenger. With the help of this feature, passengers should find it easier to execute quick transactions.

13. Can the passenger pay for the trip in cash?

Yes. The cost of the trip can be paid in cash by the passengers. When paying through the driver app, passengers should instruct the driver to select "cash." The taxi company's admin panel will display this kind of payment, allowing them to keep track of the money and collect it from the driver.

14. Does the Passenger application have a wallet system?

Yes. The passenger app holds a wallet system to which passengers can credit money within the prescribed limit using a card in advance. Every time a passenger hires a taxi, the specific trip fare will be deducted from the passenger's wallet, and the remaining amount can be used for the next ride. This is meant to make it easier than having to use a credit/debit card for every payment.

15. Are the passengers provided with receipts or invoices for the trip?

Yes. Passengers are provided with e-receipts for payment confirmation after the trip and an invoice is sent to the registered email id.

16. Is it possible for a passenger to rate and review drivers?

Yes, passengers can provide rating and offer comments on their travel experiences which in turn enables taxi companies to track the drivers' performance.

17. Is it possible to use ride-sharing services in the Taxi app?

Yes. We have the rideshare, it’s an additional feature.

18. What happens when a passenger shares the trip?

Social sharing is sharing the experience of a ride with friends through social networking sites. Taxi companies can give these customers reward points, and in return, the taxi companies can build their brand and reach more people through social media. It is optional for passengers to share their comments on the trip on social media.

19. What should passengers do if they have feedback on the driver or taxi?

Passengers can contact the taxi company via the passenger app with the details given in the "about us" page and give feedback.

Driver App

1. How many concurrent drivers can the Taxi App solution support?

Taxi apps can handle an unlimited number of concurrent drivers. It offers a powerful, dynamic, and accurate response to each and every trip request.

2. What if the driver forgets his password?

Drivers have the option of password recovery by clicking the "forgot password" button. Then enter the mobile number and receive the password as an SMS to the registered mobile number.

3. Can a driver have more than one login credential?

No. A driver can have only one login. This helps to keep track of the activity of a particular driver.

4. Do the taxi companies have a backup of the passwords of the drivers?

Yes. Taxi companies can have a backup of the passwords of their drivers, that is, taxi companies can change a driver's password anytime via the admin panel.

5. Can a taxi company block a particular driver?

Yes. Taxi companies can block any passenger anytime under circumstances like misuse of driver apps, malpractices, or any other reason.

6. Who will have access to a driver profile?

All driver profiles can be accessed by the taxi company. Passengers can access the profile (limited details) of only the particular driver who accepts their trip request.

7. What happens if the driver is offline?

Drivers can go offline during recess, when busy, or for any other reason. A driver who is offline will not be reflected in the passenger app while booking. Taxi companies can track the drivers who are offline in the taxi company admin panel.

8. What happens if a driver rejects the passenger request?

If a driver rejects a passenger request for some reason, the passenger is sent a notification to try booking the taxi again. In the next booking request, the server would automatically allot the passenger to the next available driver.

9. Do the drivers have access to the passenger details of the passengers who request the trip?

The admin panel of the taxi companies holds the option to either hide or show passenger details to drivers. Drivers, if they have access to passenger details, can view only the passenger name, profile image, and pick-up location. The drivers are also given the alternative of calling the app passenger over the phone, if required.

10. What is the waiting time? How does a driver calculate the waiting charges?

The waiting timer is one unique feature in the taxi solution where passengers can halt the taxi in the middle of a trip for a specific time period and then start the trip from that point to the destination. This waiting time will be calculated and charged based on the taxi company's norms.

11. Can the driver change the route as per the passenger's request?

Since passengers don't have to say where they want to go when they book the cab, they can change the route as they please during the trip. Drivers can view the route using GPS in the driver app. Similarly, taxi companies can track the taxi movements using GPS in the admin panel.

12. Why should a driver be rated on the services they provide?

Driver rating is a medium through which passengers can share feedback regarding the trip, which, in turn, helps taxi companies monitor the services and activities of the drivers.

13. What is a trip ID?

Every trip and transaction has a trip ID. This acts as a reference ID for passengers, drivers, and taxi companies and can be saved for future reference.

14. What is an ongoing trip?

The driver app's Ongoing Trip feature displays information about the current trip. It shows the passenger details, pick-up location, drop-off location, and GPS route map.

15. What should the driver do in case of a dispute with the passenger?

Drivers can contact the taxi company via the driver app, with details provided in the Help section.

Admin Panel

1. What is a taxi admin panel?

Big taxi companies with many branches in different states and cities use the admin panels. The company's admin panel handles drivers, passengers, and transactions within its geographical limits. There can be many company admin panels for a taxi company, controlled by a single master admin panel. The company's admin panel is always up to date with every transaction that happens in its area, and it has all of the same features as the dispatcher panel.

2. What details does a company's admin panel have access to?

The admin panel is the web-based part of the HireMe taxi app that lets the admin keep track of everything going on between the driver and the rider. Someone who is keen to start a taxi solution startup must know the functions of the admin web panel. The admin panel, unlike the other two apps, is highly sophisticated with access to a lot of reports, results, history, transactions, an operational map, and many more. Furthermore, it helps you monitor progress and take actionable decisions by tracking ride reports. Let’s stride through them one by one.

3. What role does an organization's administrative panel play in the taxi booking process?

The company admin panel has direct control over bookings, drivers, passengers, taxis, payments, and reports for all under a particular taxi company.

4. Can a taxi company block a particular driver or passenger from the admin panel?

Yes. Taxi companies can block any driver or passenger through the admin panel at any time.

5. Can the admin panel be customized to the specifications of the taxi companies?

Yes. The admin panel can be customized to the specifications of the taxi companies.

6. Can I add vehicle categories from the admin panel?


7. Can I set the fares, taxes, commissions, and regions from the admin panel?


8. Are the reports available in the admin panel?


9. Is it possible to customize more reports based on our business needs?

Yes. We can customize the reports based on your requirements.

10. How many rides can be supported by the app in a month or year?

There is no such limit on the number of rides. We can always expand the server configuration as required.

11. What languages does this application support?

Now, the application is built in the English language. However, this can be done on a multilingual platform. We have already implemented Arabic, Filipino, Spanish, French, Hindi, etc.

12. What are the payment options?

We have implemented multiple payment options per country.
Stripe - United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and New Zealand
Knet - Kuwait
eZ-cash - Sri Lanka
Brain tree - North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
Paypal - Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe

13. Will I get full ownership of the source code?

Yes, you will have complete control over the license-base source code.

14. Can I test the live demo apps?

Yes. We are sharing the demo details for the “HireMe Taxi App”.

iOS App:
Android App:

To visit our admin panel, please refer to the below-given details:
• ADMIN URL: https://indriver.stitchmyapp.com/indriver1.0/backend/admin/users/storeindex
• USERNAME: [email protected]
• PASSWORD: master@pwd

15. How can I proceed to buy the app?

To get started, the next step is to agree and sign the contract document, then you can release the first milestone payment, and we can then start the re-branding and delivery process.

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