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There is now tremendous competitiveness in India between new and established IT businesses. This is because they aim to provide their customers with the finest services possible. Therefore, having a robust Android presence is one of the best ways to reach your customers and make your products and services easily accessible to them.

According to a Statista study, "the worldwide revenue generated by mobile apps reached $462 billion in 2019, and it expects to reach $936 billion by 2023." This data is enough to showcase the dominant position of Android app development.

Hiring top Android app developers from Grepix will assist you in developing a great app that will stand out from the competition and produce a substantial amount of revenue. Here's why you should engage an Android development team for your app development project in 2022.

Our Dedicated Android App Development Solutions

  • Android App Development

    Grepix Infotech offer full-cycle mobile app development services. It is fully customizable to the needs of your business. We offer everything from conception to deployment, support, and maintenance.

  • Native App Development

    We are a native app development company that delivers the best mobile experiences to help your business grow and reach a broad audience. Our experienced app developers develop native Android iOS apps.

  • Digital Apps Development

    We give organizations a digital edge as a leading digital transformation firm by delivering intelligent home automation, innovative healthcare software solutions, and many other services to every industry vertical.


    QA team is well equipped with automation and testing tools, including top-notch best practices that help to improve the performance of your app. HireAndroid App Developers in India that are well-versed in all aspects of the app.

  • App Product Engineering

    We give organizations a digital edge as a leading digital transformation firm by delivering intelligent home automation, innovative healthcare software, and many other services to every industry vertical.

  • Custom eCommerce Applications

    Hire our application developers to construct your eCommerce and mCommerce applications. They can create eStores with intuitive UI and UX and flawless security.

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Why Hire Dedicated Developer from Grepix Infotech?

Android is termed the best choice for growing and startup businesses. Indeed, having a presence on mobile devices is essential for companies, irrespective of their size and domain. So, it is time to choose a reliable Android app development company to reach many customers.

Our Android app development services include custom apps development, utility development, and mobile SDKs. We ensure to deliver the most scalable and high-performing apps with the latest platforms, frameworks, tools, servers, technologies, and components. So you can trust our commitment and experience.

You can hire Android app developers from us to constantly build a hyper-contextual experience utilizing mobile apps in the Android ecosystem. We have expert Android developers who can help you reimagine the app development process, provide more value, adapt to technological changes, and capture new chances.


Android app developers have an unrestricted right to use the Software Development Kit (SDK) because Android is open-source. As a result, it also becomes easier to master and execute the program as a Java Scripted platform.

We follow these steps:
  • Requirment Analysis
  • Wireframing and Designing
  • Application Development
  • Application Testing
  • Deploying apps on Google Play
2. Dedicated Team

One of the most significant advantages of working with us is that we will devote all of our attention to your app project. We are constantly dedicated to our work, strongly emphasize client service, and use the most up-to-date approaches to managing Android app development tasks.

You'll also be able to complete the job on time or even ahead of schedule in certain situations. Because the in-house team may well be sidetracked on many projects and be preoccupied with the additional work, they may also have less time and free headspace to devote to your aims.

3. Flexible Engagement Models

We have various recruiting options for mobile app developers. Depending on your needs and budget, you can scale up or down the crew.

4. 100% Code Ownership

In today's highly competitive world, maintaining code privacy and security is one of the major concerns of all businesses. Therefore, we ensure that we will not reveal the complete code and kept private and secure so that you will be only the owner of your entire project code.

We are committed to serving worldwide clients, regardless of the company's nature or the scale of the project. Therefore, our team developers provide user-centric solutions while retaining quality via cutting-edge technologies and maintaining code transparency. Consequently, it will assist you in developing your Android app in a user-friendly and secure way.

5. On-Time Delivery

Many application development projects take more time and become expensive as they go. Therefore, one of the most significant benefits of outsourcing your application projects to us is the on-time delivery of projects.

We are known for being upfront about the project deadlines in the app development market. Therefore, you may get complete project delivery information and discuss everything before entrusting us with your app project.

6. Cost-Effective Solution

When you hire an Android application developer from us, you will be able to strike the appropriate mix between budget and quality. For example, if you hire an app development business in the United States or Europe, you will have to pay at least $150 per hour, but if you hire Indian app developers, you will only have to pay between $18 to $40 per hour.

It indicates that you will get the services at a reduced cost when hiring Indian firms for your application development services.

7. Maintenance and Support

Indeed, it is the best bet to hire professional and devoted Android app developers who can help you get a user-friendly and smoothly-functioning app. At Grepix, we are committed to providing post-development support to all our clients.

After project development and deployment, we also solve all your queries by creating feature-rich Android applications. In this way, we help you keep your app's consistent performance and functioning. In such a case, going with an Android app development company like Grepix is the best option you can choose.


You get an experienced mobile app development team who are specialized in a wide array of industry verticals catering to all kinds of startups and small businesses.

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Providing solutions to instant healthcare and prospects for pharmaceutical companies, Our developers develop efficient apps to tackle issues that leave the medical industry broken.

Android app developers


A flourishing digital industry at an incredible pace, e-commerce demands more apps than any other sector. Our e-commerce clients appreciate our participation in the success of their business.

hire dedicated android developers


We rely on a secure development promise and build powerful APIs for the Finance sector to boost their services online. Strategic App on our portfolio is a symbol of perfection in handling complex queries like Taxation systems and Retirement strategies.

hire dedicated android app developers


Offering a global solution, our Uber like app, Grepix, has become the foundation step for several startups to launch their Online Taxi Booking, On-Demand App, and Food Delivery App. Prestige Travelers and Exotic Travelers are some of our prestigious clients.

Android app developer


Our hospitality mobile apps have helped several businesses. MasalaDish is a fully customizable Online Restaurant Management and Food Delivery solution providing business to several restaurants & startups.

Android app developers


Integrating digital content in apps and bringing entertainment online, we help entertainment and media brands to reach masses. Marell Media Systems is one of our best in class app serving more than 500 clients.

Dedicated Application Programmers


Think beyond traditional LMS & enter the modern era with our Mobile Development Services. We have design and develop grievance redressal system for colleges & institutes.

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We take pride in our expertise for the social media apps we developed. Votemeee, Everyware, Hoptrend, teamJOE, Habits are our some of the best apps in their sectors.

Flexible Engagement Models

Hire Android App Developers in India that are well-versed in all aspects of the app, from the backend to the frontend.

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Full Time

In the full-time engagement model, you can choose an expert for the whole day or eight hours per day. Our veteran engineers are committed to serving you as per your project needs.

Android Application Programmers India


You are free to hire us on a part-time basis. Under this engagement model, our developers work for four hours per day and meet your IT goals.

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You can hire our Android app developers on an hourly basis. It will help you complete your ongoing work needs for the undefined number of projects.

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App Development Process

From ideation to development and publishing in the Google Play Store, we take care of complete mobile app development services cycle irrespective of the type of your app. Here is the process followed by our team:

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