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eCommerce Development Company

Ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level? You are at the right place!

The development of eCommerce platforms is the topmost priority of a plethora of professional companies. A robust, attractive, compelling, and user-friendly eCommerce rostrum increases the number of online sales and transactions. Without going to a physical place, eCommerce stores allow customers to buy the required goods and services within the comforts of their homes.

The process of eCommerce development can either make or break your business. Therefore, choosing the right eCommerce development company becomes extremely pivotal for bringing extensive positive results.

Built-up by years of experience and expertise in the field of eCommerce development, Grepix Infotech endeavours to support your business in increasing your customer reach and revenue. Being one of the leading eCommerce development companies in India, we consider various factors to deliver the best eCommerce solutions that suit your business requirements. Our dedicated team of E-commerce professionals leaves no stone unturned to assist B2B and B2C portals in increasing customer satisfaction, boosting sales and revenue, and expanding business.

Are you looking for creative eCommerce store development Services?

Grepix eCommerce Development Services

Our eCommerce Services

One of the best e-commerce development companies in India. Grepix Infotech focuses on designing technically strong and attractive e-commerce solutions to stand out your business ahead in the competition.

eCommerce Store

eCommerce Store

We have great expertise in creating optimized eCommerce stores to lead you on the road to success. To ensure a positive purchasing experience for your customers. Be it the content, layout, or colors, we leave no stone unturned to enhance the overall look and feel of your online store. We can handle the diversity as well as the complexity of online store projects in a seamless manner.



To ensure hassle-free collaboration between the sellers and their clients, we develop best marketplaces for quality results. With the help of our eCommerce development services, you can present as well as manage your products and services to an optimum level. Our implemented marketplaces will act as a strong medium to carry out the associated processes without any interruption.

B2B Trade Portals

B2B Trade Portals

In B2B trading, businesses are constantly faced with the challenges of monitoring the market and maintaining a brand value in the eyes of the customers. Our eCommerce development company is an expert in creating highly creative B2B portals to assist businesses in building, managing, and establishing multichannel accross the global traders. As we provide a centralized hub for all your trading stakeholders.

Delivery Platforms

Delivery Platforms

Undoubtedly, rapid digitization has changed the whole phiz of the delivery industry. Myriad businesses are going online and providing delivery of various goods and services at the doorsteps of their customers. From delivery apps to websites, our eCommerce development solutions will create competitive advantages for your business so that you can remain at the top-of-the-head of your customers.

Booking Platforms

Booking Platforms

With the amalgamation of smart technology and eCommerce development tricks, we have gained great experience in creating top-notch online booking platforms. Our booking systems are specially designed to avoid any lag or delay and to make bookings within a few seconds. Also, we work efficiently with our extra features like online payments, customer management, appointment scheduling applications, etc.

Business Websites

Business Websites

Grepix Infotech believes in involving more than just building an attractive business website. Our highly qualified business website and development experts deliver result-driven solutions to assist businesses in facilitating their growth. Being a well-renowned eCommerce development company, we provide much more than just Search Engine Optimization (SEO), fresh and unique content.

We Cover All Major Industries

Our Major Industries

You get an experienced eCommerce development company who are specialized in a wide array of industry verticals catering to all kinds of startups and small businesses.

1. Grocery App Development

Leverage the benefits of our high-end grocery app development solutions to offer elite services and facilities to your customers. Irrespective of the size and type of your business, our eCommerce development solutions are compatible with different grocery businesses, such as grocery stores, grocery markets, and grocery chains.

  • Easy sign-up
  • Quick search
  • Real-time tracking
  • User-friendly interface
ecommerce web development
ecommerce web development company

2. Event Management & Booking

Our eCommerce development company is a one-stop solution for all your event management and booking needs. From designing, planning, developing, to executing and event booking, we have immense expertise in managing any type of event. Our great team of professionals is experienced in handling complex as well as mundane events with ease.

  • Secure payment options
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Easy to manage admin dashboards
  • Interactive UI & UX

3. Restaurants & Takeaways

Expand avenues and increase the sales of your restaurant with the help of our cutting-edge eCommerce development solutions. We bring thousands of restaurants on one platform so that more and more customers can reach your business.

  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy search
  • Relevant filters
  • Responsive design
  • User-friendly interface
ecommerce website development
ecommerce website development company

4. Fashion & Clothing

Build a customer-centric fashion and clothing e-store and increase your revenue twice with our optimized eCommerce development solutions. Our eCommerce development experts have created mobile applications and customized sites for various established fashion and clothing brands and designers.

  • Easy product search options
  • Order tracking facility
  • Compatible on all devices
  • Manage banners, offers, and promotions

5. Travel & Tourism

Take your travel and tourism company to another level of profitability. Our eCommerce development company helps in improving your ROI and gaining quality results with the help of cutting-edge strategies, customized features, user-friendly platforms, hassle-free experience, and various other dedicated solutions to suit your business.

  • A one-stop solution at your fingertips
  • Easy and attractive interface
  • Improve Your Revenue and Reputation
  • Hassle-free experience
ecommerce development
ecommerce development company

6. Online Booking

Be it a flight booking system, train booking system, or hotel booking system, just simplify the process of online booking with the help of our online booking services. Our eCommerce development company makes the entire online booking procedure so seamless and hassle-free for the users so that they can have an on-the-go booking experience.

  • Multiple payment options
  • Higher compatibility
  • Enhanced search
  • Interactive UI & UX

7. Medical & Pharmacy

Create and manage an online medical store for your pharmacy business through our delivery apps and websites. Our eCommerce development company has great expertise in building scalable, secure, and productive delivery apps and websites for pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies, and online medicine delivery businesses.

  • Easy search option
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Quick login
  • Drug information
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Hassle-free delivery
ecommerce website development
ecommerce website development company

8. Other Industries

Ensure a constant positive shopping experience for your customers, no matter what type of industry your business belongs to. We, being the pioneering eCommerce development company in India, create diverse web stores and web applications to cater to all your business needs.

  • Online checkups
  • Online diagnosis
  • eCommerce banking solutions
  • eLearning portals
  • Online scheduling and appointment booking

So what are you waiting for then?

Embrace our services to take your eCommerce business to a new height!

Grepix Infotech is a leading eCommerce development company that offers the best eCommerce development solutions that suit your needs and budget. With a dexterous crew of professionals, we build robust, efficient, and scalable eCommerce solutions without breaking your bank.

Get empowered with our unrivalled eCommerce expertise!

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