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Cyber Security Consulting Company

Cyber Security Services

In the current digital arena, where desired information is available at one’s fingertips and accessible from anywhere at any time, data privacy and protection stand at great risk. Next-gen cybersecurity encompassing a holistic approach—right from detection to protection, prevention and remediation—is the need of the hour. We, at Grepix Infotech, help our clients strengthen their Cybersecurity round the clock via our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC). Now, IT infrastructure in the world is developing at a rapid pace, there are many challenges and pitfalls to be addressed by IT vendors, mainly in the area of IT security. We saw this as a market need on a top priority, and established a solution providing firm to fill the technical and business improvement gaps.

Our role is to protect data and ensure that your services and projects keep running without any obstacles or delays. The aim is to provide secure infrastructure and safety of networks and various resources. Our assistance provide the best of the cyber security solutions and that of industry standards. Security has now reached a critical point where it represents a prerequisite for the growth of businesses and the functioning of the whole economy. In the advanced society, cyber security is winding up progressively vital.

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Types Of Cyber Security

Website Security

It refers to securing websites, web apps and web services. Websites determine the online presence of an organization. With majority of people nowadays accessing web, it’s necessary that your company’s website stays up throughout the day and is safe to use. A downed website is a failure to the trust building factor between company and its customers. Hence, it becomes a priority for your website to be properly developed and engineered.

  • Ddos (Distributed Denial Of Service) Protection
  • Xss (Cross-site Scripting) Protection
  • SQL Injection Attack Protection
  • Csrf (Cross Site Request Forgery) Attack Protection
  • Broken Authentication And Session Management
  • Security Misconfiguration Protection
  • Time To Time Web Vulnerability Assessments
Types Of Cyber Security

Application Security

Application security describes security measures at the application level that aim to prevent data or code within the app from being stolen or compromised. It encompasses the security considerations that happen during application development and design, but it also involves systems and approaches to protect apps after they get deployed.

  • Application Va&pt
  • Client Side Injection Protection
  • Mitm Attack Protection
  • User Device Authentication In Apps
  • Ransomeware Attacks Protections
  • Complete Application Code Review
  • Recommend And Implement Key Solutiond For Resolving Security Patches
Types Of Cyber Security

Network Security

Network Security refers to taking physical and software measures to secure the underlying network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, Malfunction, Modification, Destruction or improper disclosure, thereby creating a safe environment for computers, users and programs to do their permitted tasks.

  • Eavesdropping Protection
  • MITM (Man-in-the-middle) Attack Protection
  • Sniffer Attack Protection
  • Password Based Attack Protection
  • Application Layer Attack Protection
  • IP Spoof Attack Protection
  • Port Scanning Attack Protection
Types Of Cyber Security

Data Security

Data breaches are a threat to every organization. Breach damage goes beyond the actual loss or disclosure of sensitive, confidential data and brand damage, and companies incur significant financial costs associated with remediation and multi-year legal liability claims. Risk sensitive organizations must remain a step ahead in their database security to protect and defend their data from a myriad of external and internal threats.

  • Malware Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Database Injection Attacks Protection
  • Data Encryption And Decryption
  • Data Breach Protection
  • Incident Response And Malware Analysis

*Note: Implementation of Network Security tools like DLP, Firewall, SIEM and IDPS are also available.

Types Of Cyber Security

Email Security

Email security refers to different techniques to keep sensitive information in email communication and accounts safe against unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. Email is a pretty popular medium for the spread of malware, spam, and phishing attacks, using deceptive messages to entice recipients to divulge sensitive information, open attachments or click on hyperlinks that install malware on the victim’s device. Email is definitely a common entry point for attackers wanting to get in an enterprise network and steal or damage valuable company data.

  • Phishing Attack Protection
  • Spam Attack Protection
  • Social Engineering
  • Awareness Programes
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