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Offshore Mobile App Development

Flutter App Development

Create amazing beautiful, and native apps with the help of our Flutter app development service.

Today the Google's Flutter is undeniably the most versatile of the mobile application development framework. Google Company developed it in the year 2017 as one of the most eminent processes of crafting top-quality native apps with rich UI within a minimum time frame.

The unmatchable and innovative features which this framework possesses enabled many businesses to expand the horizons of mobile app development. It stays true to the words written just once and runs it everywhere. The app development on the Flutter & Android platforms has become much easier with such an outstanding and revolutionary framework. We are the early adopter of this innovative technology, which is why our company is the leading name in the field of Flutter app development. We have been helping companies to optimize their IT landscapes through the development of high-performing apps. By leveraging the benefit of a highly expressive UI interface and other promising features, our team develops the finest cross-platform apps for Flutter and android within minimum turnaround. The persistent efforts of our experts led to the implementation of Flutter technologies in a highly effective manner.

  • This amazing framework is beyond the dual, android, and also a Flutter platform capability.
  • The architecture of this framework has been designed and developed extensively for supporting experienced and emerging app developers.
  • The Flutter possesses react-native style architecture only, which causes elimination in bottlenecks of the performance.
  • The layered architecture causes high-speed rendering, expressive, and also flexible design.

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Flutter App Development Benefits

Advantages of Flutter App Development

We have wast experience in mobile app development. Few advantages of Flutter app development.

User Interface

There is a gap between native and Flutter architecture when it comes to creating blocks for the user interface. In the case of Flutter, this looks extremely good as there are proprietary sets of widgets. It helps you develop a highly customized UI design, quite good interoperability, and additional native support.

Fast Coding

With the innovative feature of hot reload, a mobile app developer can now alter the coding and check the result on the mobile application itself. Furthermore, the Flutter allows the changes in the coding process, which facilitates the developers to check its direct influence on the app. Thus, it enables faster debugging and also simplifies the entire procedure of bugs fixing. Additionally, there can be convenience and several experimentations that can be tried in the application's features to enhance UI's overall functionality and features.


The Flutter app development platform carries out the simplification of the entire mobile app development procedure. This is done through the integration of the app with another programming language. It is also quite easy to learn even by the emerging developers. The key advantage of flutter architecture is that it is easy to use in cross-platform app development.

Less Testing

When a developer has one app on two platforms, it means there is less testing involved. Due to a single codebase, the automatic test must be written by the developer just once. The work of the quality control specialists is less in this situation as there is only a single application to be checked.


Though the dart is not like Java itself, it has many similarities. It makes it quite convenient for the app developers to take the shift itself. The Flutter platform comprises better widgets, great editorial integrations, and easy-to-use features, which makes it quite an attractive option for app developers. On the other hand, the native platform has quite a large following, creating hybrid applications using a complicated procedure. But for the development of native applications, this framework adjusts well according to the specific requirements.

Why Choose Grepix Infotech for Mobile App Development

Key Benefits

When you choose to work with our dedicated flutter developers, you get a highly efficient team with a host of business benefits.

Flutter App Consultation

When you require consultation for your flutter application, you can speak to one of our developers. They provide you with top-class assistance and solve all your queries fast.

Expert Team

Our team of experts is highly dedicated and utilizes the dart language for crafting real native, goal critical, and top-notch flutter applications for android, iOS and also web.

End to End Solution

Our company delivers end-to-end Flutter application development solutions to the clients starting from the prototyping, UX/UI design to deployment of the innovative applications.

Widget Implementation

Through the utilization of a robust flutter framework, our team crafts new widget sets and also carries out the implementation of an extensive widget catalog for providing you with a high-end feel of native widgets and relishing the end-user experience.

Automated Testing

Since our company comprehends the fact that the more features an app have, the more difficult it becomes to test it. Apart from conducting manual testing, our company also utilizes the most appropriate and advanced automated app testing procedures.

Ultimate Support

Our dedicated team members provide all kinds of support and maintenance. It imparts software upgrades, optimization of performance, code maintenance along with bug fixes through a live chat session, email, and also call.

Contact us for realizing all your innovative ideas into an amazing cross-platform app.

Our company employs an app development team that has immense experience in crafting the most elegant, effective, and also highly robust of cross-platform applications on Flutter. Do you have a query about Flutter app development or do you want to realize your unique idea into an amazing cross-platform app? Talk to one of our experts today.

How To Hire Grepix Infotech

Our Hiring Models

We provide the flexibility of choosing the best-suited engagement model for all our clients.

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Dedicated Android

If you represent a company with regular large projects, or if you need ongoing work, ask about a retainer. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract. You can easily get our technical expertise, infra, and execution abilities.

  • Monthly billing with no hidden costs
  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • 80 or 160 hours of guaranteed production every month
  • No setup fees
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Fixed Price

You may go with our fixed-price model if you carry a well-defined project requirement. We could make an agreement(simple and transparent) of a certain amount that you will be billed for a defined amount of tasks.

  • Upgrade or cancel anytime
  • Can be split and paid in milestones
  • Requires no change in price unless your needs change
  • Know exactly what you’re getting & how much

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Mobile App Development Process

Our Development Process

From ideation to development and publishing in the Google Play Store, we take care of complete mobile app development services cycle irrespective of the type of your app. Here is the process followed by our team:

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Latest Projects

Here are some mobile app development projects that are completed by our Flutter Developers.

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