Deciding on a Mover: U-Haul vs. Penske – A Comparative Guide

  • Vinay Jain
  • February 15, 2024
Deciding on a Mover: U-Haul vs. Penske – A Comparative Guide

Deciding on a Mover: U-Haul vs. Penske – A Comparative Guide

Moving by yourself is a big task, and there are lots of things to think about. Doing a DIY move can save money compared to hiring a moving company, but it also means making many decisions, like picking a moving date, the right size truck, and planning your journey. One key decision is choosing where to rent the moving truck. It's important to pick a trustworthy and dependable rental company. In this comparison, we look at two major players in the truck rental world: Penske and U-Haul.

Considering a move? Dive into the ultimate showdown between Penske and U-Haul for your truck rental needs! From truck sizes to discounts, we've got you covered. Need an app like Penske or U-Haul? Look no further! Grepix is your go-to partner for top-notch app development. Whether you're a moving pro or a first-timer, make an informed decision with our detailed comparison. Ready to roll? Contact Grepix today and let's turn your truck rental vision into reality!

To decide who's best between Penske and U-Haul, we set up simple, clear criteria focused on what really affects a customer's experience. Here are the main things we compared:

  • Truck Variety: Checking if companies have different truck sizes to meet various moving needs.
  • Location Coverage: Reviewing the number of company locations to ensure easy truck pick-up and drop-off.
  • Pricing: Looking at costs, including per-mile rates, flat fees, fuel policies, insurance, and extra charges.
  • Discounts: Considering special price reductions for certain groups like AAA members, military, and students.
  • Booking Process: Assessing the simplicity and clarity of booking trucks online.
  • Policies on Deposits and Cancellations: Understanding the details about deposits, credit card charges, and cancellation rules to prevent any surprises.
  • Roadside Help: Evaluating the availability of assistance in case of truck issues during the move.
  • Extra Services: Exploring additional options like trailers, moving containers, storage, and more.
  • Customer Support and Reviews: Customer reviews are crucial for understanding a company's service quality. Penske Truck Rental has received numerous reviews across different platforms, shedding light on what customers think about their experience.
  • Glassdoor Rating: A 3.6 score on Glassdoor indicates that most current and former employees have favorable views about their time at the company.
  • ConsumerAffairs: Penske Truck Rental holds a 3.7 rating on ConsumerAffairs, showing that customers are generally satisfied and often share their experiences and opinions about the service.
  • Indeed Employee Rating: Penske has a 3.4 rating on Indeed, which reveals what its employees think about the company's work atmosphere and culture.
  • Play Store and App Store Ratings: Penske Truck Rental's mobile apps have impressive scores of 4.2 on the Play Store and 4.1 on the App Store, showing that users generally have a favorable opinion of their experiences with these apps.

Penske Truck Rental, part of Penske Corporation, is a leading transportation company in the U.S. with a rich history of over 50 years. Founded in 1969 by Roger Penske, it began with truck leasing and logistics, eventually growing into a global enterprise. Today, Penske operates in continents like North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, serving sectors such as automotive, healthcare, retail, and government.

Penske, originally from the United States, has grown to be a major force in the global transportation and logistics field. With operations across several continents, Penske is now equipped to meet the diverse needs of a broad array of customers worldwide.

U-Haul Truck Rental

Founded in 1945 by Leonard Samuel Shoen, U-Haul has become a top choice for self-moving and storage services in North America. With around 22,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada, it's recognized as the biggest company in its sector.

U-Haul provides a wide range of services, including truck and cargo van rentals, trailer rentals, moving supplies, storage options, and shipping services. Its fleet of rental trucks, ranging from small cargo vans to large 26-foot trucks, meets different moving needs.

Known for its distinctive orange and white trucks and trailers, U-Haul is a common sight on North American roads. It's popular among people moving homes, employees relocating for work, and businesses needing to transport goods and equipment.

U-Haul's customer reviews vary widely: Glassdoor scores it at 3.3, ConsumerAffairs at 3.9, Indeed at 3.5, the Play Store at 2.4, and the App Store at 4.5. These diverse ratings underline the need to consider personal requirements and preferences when choosing U-Haul for moving and storage solutions.

Comparison Between the Penske vs UHaul Truck Rental

Penske vs. U-Haul: Truck Sizes

Penske and U-Haul both offer a variety of truck sizes to meet diverse moving requirements. Penske's selection ranges from a spacious cargo van to a substantial 26-foot truck, each designated by square footage and the estimated number of rooms it can accommodate. On the other hand, U-Haul begins with an 8-foot pickup truck and extends its options up to a 26-foot truck. Although both companies have similarly sized largest box trucks, U-Haul boasts a more extensive fleet, providing increased availability and flexibility for customers.

Penske vs. U-Haul: State Availability and Locations

The accessibility of rental trucks is greatly influenced by their presence in different states. U-Haul stands out with an impressive network of over 21,000 locations across the nation, ensuring widespread availability. In comparison, Penske, with a commendable 2,500 locations, enjoys the added advantage of a partnership with The Home Depot. Although Penske's footprint is expanding, the current extensive reach of U-Haul provides it with a significant edge.

Penske vs. U-Haul: Cost

When examining the cost structures of Penske and U-Haul, it requires delving into elements such as one-way and round-trip pricing, mileage considerations, and potential fluctuations influenced by location and seasonal factors. Despite both companies presenting competitive pricing, U-Haul emerges as the more cost-effective option for one-way journeys. This advantage is attributed to its expansive network, allowing it to efficiently cater to heightened demand.

Penske vs. U-Haul: Discounts

Savings can notably influence the total expense of a relocation. Penske extends discounts for college students, military personnel, and AAA members, complemented by occasional seasonal promotions. Meanwhile, U-Haul introduces seasonal discounts and collaborates with hotels, presenting customers with diverse options for potential savings.

Penske vs. U-Haul: Roadside Assistance

The online reservation procedure significantly shapes the customer experience. U-Haul stands out by offering a seamless and uncluttered online reservation experience, enabling customers to effortlessly search by location or vehicle size. In contrast, Penske's reservation process, while functional, may be perceived as a bit cluttered.

Penske vs. U-Haul: Deposit and Cancellation Policy

For customers navigating uncertainties during a move, comprehending deposit requirements and cancellation policies is paramount. Penske implements a deposit for round-trip rentals but compensates with lenient cancellation options devoid of fees. On the other hand, U-Haul mandates deposits solely for cash payments and stipulates a 24-hour notice for cancellations to sidestep any fines.

Penske vs. U-Haul: Roadside Assistance

Penske and U-Haul both extend 24/7 roadside assistance, offering crucial aid in the event of vehicle issues during the move. Although the services are comparable, U-Haul gains an edge by enabling customers to effortlessly submit roadside assistance requests online, elevating the overall convenience.

Penske vs. U-Haul: Additional Services

U-Haul distinguishes itself in this realm by providing an extensive array of supplementary services, encompassing moving containers, trailers, self-storage facilities, and a diverse selection of packing supplies. In contrast, Penske's primary focus revolves around moving truck rentals, offering a more constrained range of additional services.


In the assessment of Penske and U-Haul rental apps, both entities present akin functionalities. However, U-Haul's app distinguishes itself by incorporating supplementary tools advantageous for customers coordinating a move. While Penske's app is user-friendly, U-Haul takes the lead with a more expansive array of planning and organizational features.

Deciding between U-Haul and Penske Truck Rental poses a formidable challenge. The choice might pivot on factors like expenses, service excellence, and the unique demands of the move. It is recommended that potential renters engage in a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and drawbacks of U-Haul versus Penske, considering customer feedback for both. Assessing the overall value provided by each company will facilitate a judicious decision aligned with individual preferences and needs.

At Grepix, our team of proficient experts is committed to helping you develop applications similar to Penske or U-Haul for your upcoming truck rental business. If you're thinking about starting a moving truck rental business or planning to create a truck rental app like U-Haul or Penske, Grepix is your reliable ally. Reach out to us today for a detailed quote, and allow us to assist you in turning your vision into reality for a U-Haul Clone or Penske Clone.

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