Best Ride-Sharing and Taxi Apps in Saudi Arabia

  • Vinay Jain
  • March 02, 2024
Best Ride-Sharing and Taxi Apps in Saudi Arabia

Best Ride-Sharing and Taxi Apps in Saudi Arabia

In the heart of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a transformative journey in its transportation sector, particularly with the advent and adoption of ride-sharing and taxi apps. This evolution is not just about convenience but a testament to the Kingdom's ambitious Vision 2030, aiming for a more connected, sustainable, and economically diverse future. The rise of digital platforms in the Kingdom has been meteoric, spurred by a tech-savvy population, robust digital infrastructure, and supportive regulatory frameworks.

The blog delves into the transformative evolution of ride-sharing in Saudi Arabia, driven by Vision 2030's emphasis on digital transformation and economic diversification. Highlighting key players like Careem, Uber, and emerging local apps, it showcases how these services have adapted to local needs, offering convenience, safety, and inclusivity. The entry of innovative platforms like inDriver introduces a dynamic pricing model, further enriching the market. This evolution signifies a broader shift towards sustainable urban mobility, supported by technological advancements such as AI and autonomous vehicles, underlining the Kingdom's journey towards a digitally empowered future in transportation.

Best Ride-Sharing and Taxi Apps in Saudi Arabia

The top taxi apps in Saudi Arabia offer a range of options for riders, catering to different needs and preferences. Here are some of the most popular taxi apps in the region:



Careem has significantly shaped the ride-sharing landscape in Saudi Arabia, establishing itself as a leading force since its inception in 2012. As a regional powerhouse, Careem's success in the Kingdom is attributed to its deep understanding of local preferences and its comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers. From offering a variety of vehicle options to suit different budgets and occasions to pioneering features like the ability for passengers to select female drivers, Careem has consistently prioritized convenience, safety, and inclusivity.

Its acquisition by Uber in 2020 further solidified its position, allowing Careem to benefit from Uber's global technology and expertise while maintaining its unique brand identity and regional focus. Careem's impact extends beyond transportation; it has played a pivotal role in advancing Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals by fostering digital innovation, providing flexible employment opportunities, and contributing to the Kingdom's economic diversification efforts. Through its user-friendly app, multiple payment options, and additional services like food delivery, Careem continues to enhance urban mobility and set new standards for ride-sharing in Saudi Arabia.



Uber's entry into the Saudi Arabian market has been transformative, marking a significant evolution in the country's transportation and digital landscape. As a global leader in ride-sharing, Uber brought to the Kingdom its cutting-edge technology, user-centric approach, and a commitment to safety and reliability that resonated well with both residents and visitors. Uber tailored its services to meet the unique cultural and regulatory requirements of Saudi Arabia, including introducing features such as the option for female passengers to request female drivers, aligning with the Kingdom's progressive steps towards women's empowerment.

This localization strategy, combined with Uber's global standards for quality and efficiency, has enabled the company to thrive in Saudi Arabia. Uber's presence has not only provided convenient and safe transportation options but also contributed to the country's economic goals by creating job opportunities for Saudis, including opening new avenues for women drivers following the historic lifting of the ban on women driving in 2018.


Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi has carved out a significant niche within the competitive ride-sharing market of Saudi Arabia by emphasizing simplicity, accessibility, and efficiency in urban transportation. Initially launched to bridge the gap between traditional taxi services and modern ride-sharing needs, Easy Taxi offers a user-friendly platform that connects passengers with nearby taxi drivers quickly and conveniently. Its straightforward approach and easy-to-use app interface appeal to users who prefer the familiarity and immediacy of traditional taxis but with the added benefits of digital booking and tracking.

In Saudi Arabia, Easy Taxi has tailored its services to align with local preferences and regulations, ensuring a seamless and culturally attuned user experience. By focusing on key urban areas, Easy Taxi has managed to provide reliable transportation solutions that cater to the daily needs of Saudi residents and visitors alike. The service prides itself on offering quick pickups and competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for those looking for cost-effective and efficient ride options.



MyTaxi, known for revolutionizing the taxi industry in several countries by merging traditional taxi services with modern technology, operates under a model that connects passengers directly with licensed taxi drivers through a user-friendly app. However, as of my last update in April 2023, MyTaxi, which rebranded to FREE NOW in 2019, primarily operated in Europe and had not specifically launched services in Saudi Arabia. The platform allows users to book rides, track their taxi in real-time, and make payments digitally, offering a seamless and efficient travel experience that aligns with contemporary consumer expectations.

In markets where FREE NOW (formerly MyTaxi) operates, it stands out for its commitment to working exclusively with registered taxi drivers, thus supporting the local taxi industry while also providing the convenience, safety, and transparency that users expect from a digital ride-hailing service. This approach ensures that passengers can access quick and reliable transportation options, while drivers benefit from increased ride requests and the stability of being part of a global network.



Jeeny, previously known as Easy Taxi, is a notable ride-hailing service that has made a significant impact in the Middle Eastern market, including Saudi Arabia. Jeeny offers a comprehensive platform that caters to the mobility needs of its users by providing convenient, safe, and affordable transportation options. By leveraging technology, Jeeny connects passengers with a wide network of drivers, facilitating smooth and efficient urban mobility.

In Saudi Arabia, Jeeny has adapted to the local market by offering services that align with the cultural and regulatory landscape. This includes features like easy booking through its app, multiple payment options to cater to user preferences, and customer support aimed at ensuring a positive experience for both riders and drivers. Jeeny's commitment to safety and reliability is evident through its driver vetting processes, in-app safety features, and feedback mechanisms, which have helped it build trust among its user base.



Kaiian is one of the local ride-hailing services that emerged in Saudi Arabia, aiming to capitalize on the rapidly growing demand for convenient and reliable transportation options within the Kingdom. As a homegrown alternative to international giants like Uber and Careem, Kaiian seeks to distinguish itself by offering services that are closely aligned with the local culture, preferences, and regulatory environment.

Focused on providing a user-friendly experience, Kaiian's platform enables customers to easily book rides through its app, offering a range of vehicle options to cater to different needs and occasions. This includes everyday rides, premium services for those seeking a more luxurious experience, and larger vehicles for family or group travel. Kaiian's pricing strategy is competitive, aiming to offer affordable rates while ensuring fair compensation for its drivers.



Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, is a significant player in the global ride-hailing sector, offering a wide range of services that extend beyond traditional ride-sharing to include electric scooter rentals, food delivery, and more. Originating in Estonia, Bolt has expanded its operations to numerous countries across Europe, Africa, and other regions, distinguishing itself with competitive pricing and a strong commitment to sustainability and efficient urban mobility.

In markets where Bolt operates, it is known for its user-friendly interface, competitive fares, and a diverse fleet of vehicles that cater to various consumer needs and preferences. Bolt places a strong emphasis on sustainability, with initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of ride-hailing services. This includes efforts to increase the use of electric and hybrid vehicles within its fleet.



InDriver is an innovative ride-hailing service that distinguishes itself with a unique model allowing passengers to set their own fare for rides, which drivers can then choose to accept, decline, or counter with their own offer. This real-time bidding model puts a significant amount of control in the hands of users, fostering a more dynamic and potentially cost-effective marketplace for ride-sharing. Originating in Siberia in 2012, inDriver has rapidly expanded its operations globally, serving millions of users across more than 30 countries, including several in the Middle East.

For a service like inDriver to succeed in Saudi Arabia, it would need to navigate the Kingdom's specific regulatory landscape, cultural norms, and rapidly evolving tech ecosystem. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 emphasizes digital transformation and economic diversification, creating a favorable environment for innovative tech companies. inDriver's model could complement these goals by enhancing transportation options, increasing efficiency, and offering entrepreneurial opportunities for drivers.


As we conclude our exploration of "The Evolution of Ride-Sharing in Saudi Arabia: A Digital Oasis Emerges," it's clear that the Kingdom's journey towards becoming a digital oasis in the realm of transportation is not just ongoing but accelerating. The ride-sharing landscape in Saudi Arabia has transformed dramatically, fueled by the nation's ambitious Vision 2030, a tech-savvy population, and a commitment to digital transformation. As a taxi app development company at the forefront of this evolution, we are both witnesses to and participants in this remarkable journey.

The success of these platforms in Saudi Arabia is a testament to the Kingdom's openness to innovation, its regulatory support, and its vision for a future where digital technology drives economic growth, sustainability, and improved quality of life for all its citizens. Our role in this ecosystem is critical. By developing cutting-edge, user-friendly taxi apps, we empower both drivers and passengers to navigate this new digital terrain with ease, safety, and efficiency.

Looking forward, the evolution of ride-sharing in Saudi Arabia promises even greater advancements. With the advent of AI, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles, the next chapter of this journey will likely redefine convenience, safety, and environmental sustainability in ways we are only beginning to imagine. As a company, our commitment is to continue innovating, adapting, and evolving our technologies to meet these future challenges head-on.

In essence, the evolution of ride-sharing in Saudi Arabia is more than just a story of technology and transportation. It's a narrative of a nation boldly stepping into the future, with innovation as its compass and digital transformation as its path. And for us, as a taxi app development company, it's an honor to be part of this remarkable journey, driving forward together.

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