Top Ride-Hailing Apps in Taiwan: Explore the Best Options

  • Vinay Jain
  • February 10, 2024
Top Ride-Hailing Apps in Taiwan: Explore the Best Options

Top Ride-Hailing Apps in Taiwan: Explore the Best Options

Taiwan is becoming a popular place to visit, known for its colorful culture, tasty food, and beautiful nature. Whether you're exploring its busy cities or the scenic countryside, knowing how to find and book taxis or ride-hailing services is important. This guide will show you how to do just that in Taiwan's capital and other important areas for travelers, making your trip smooth and enjoyable.

Taiwan, a stunning destination in East Asia, is famous for its vibrant culture, tasty food, and beautiful views. Whether you're exploring Taipei's lively night markets or admiring Taroko Gorge's natural wonders, getting around is key to enjoying your visit. Thankfully, technology makes traveling across the island easy. In this guide, we'll explore the top taxi apps in Taiwan, making your journey smooth and fun.

Exploring Taiwan just got easier! From the bustling streets of Taipei to the breathtaking east coast, discover the convenience of top taxi apps like Uber, Bolt, Taiwan Taxi, and more. Whether you're looking for user-friendly interfaces, English support, or diverse payment options, these apps have got you covered, ensuring your Taiwanese adventure is smooth and memorable. Say goodbye to travel hassles and hello to seamless journeys across this beautiful island!

Top Ride- Hailing And Taxi Apps in Taiwan


1. Uber

Uber has become a leading choice for getting around in Taiwan, offering an easy and trustworthy way to travel across the island. Its simple app and many drivers make moving through Taiwan's lively cities and beautiful countryside a breeze. With Uber, you can quickly book rides, see where your driver is in real time, and know exactly how much you'll pay, making your journey through Taiwan's colorful streets smooth.

Whether you're traveling alone or in a group, Uber has different car types to fit your needs, ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone. Plus, Uber's focus on safety and customer service means you can relax and enjoy exploring Taiwan's rich culture and sights with confidence.


2. Bolt

Bolt is quickly becoming a favorite way to get around in Taiwan, offering a smart and wallet-friendly option for moving through the island's busy areas. Its easy-to-use app and increasing number of drivers mean you can book a ride smoothly and depend on Bolt for getting you where you need to go. Whether you're checking out Taipei's lively spots or heading to the countryside, Bolt lets you track your ride in real time and shows clear prices. Bolt cares about making sure passengers have a good and safe ride, showing its dedication to top-notch service. As Bolt grows in Taiwan, it's becoming a go-to choice for travelers who want a straightforward and economical way to explore the island.


3. Taiwan Taxi 55688

Taiwan Taxi, known for its easy-to-remember phone number, 55688, is a top choice for taxi services in Taiwan. The Taiwan Taxi app offers various rides, from standard taxis to more upscale options like comfort, luxury, and business class. It also includes special services like designated drivers and airport shuttles. For those who prefer not to ride in the traditional yellow taxis, the app offers "multi-taxi" choices that look more like regular cars, identified by their unique red license plates.

The app makes paying for rides easy, too. You can use cash, credit cards, or digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This flexibility is especially handy for travelers from abroad, making it unnecessary to carry local currency for taxi rides.


4. Taiwan Metro Taxi 55178

Taiwan Metro Taxi offers a service similar to Taiwan Taxi, including an easy-to-remember phone number, 55178, and a straightforward app. Using the app, you simply move a red marker to where you want to go, and the app quickly sets up your taxi ride. You can also type in your address manually. Like Taiwan Taxi, you can choose the type of taxi you want and see the estimated cost upfront. Payment is flexible, accepting various methods.

However, one downside to both Taiwan Taxi and Taiwan Metro Taxi is they don't have English versions of their apps. This might make it tricky for those who don't speak Chinese to use the services easily.


5. Find Taxi

Find Taxi really stands out because it's available in English, making it great for more users. The app is easy to use, letting you pick from different types of rides like airport transfers, scheduled taxis, instant taxis, or finding nearby drivers. You just need to put in where you're starting and where you're going to see the cost upfront. Plus, you can ask for specific things like non-smoking cars, wheelchair access, pet-friendly rides, female drivers, or drivers who speak English or Japanese.

This customization before you ride makes for a better experience. Another cool feature of Find Taxi is seeing reviews of drivers nearby. Knowing what others think can help you feel more secure in your choice and lead to a better ride.


In summary, getting around Taiwan's lively cities, beautiful scenery, and cultural spots becomes much easier with the top taxi apps. Whether you're moving through Taipei's busy streets or enjoying a drive on the east coast, these apps give travelers comfort, dependability, and confidence. From international names like Uber to local picks like TaxiGo, each app has special features designed to make your Taiwan journey better.

As a top company creating taxi apps, we understand how the world of taxis and ride-hailing in Taiwan is changing. Looking at the best apps in the area shows that these services do more than just offer rides; they make traveling easy and cater to what users want. From the wide range of options with Taiwan Taxi, the easy-to-use Taiwan Metro Taxi, to Find Taxi's English version, these apps are changing how people get around Taiwan.

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