Best Taxi Apps for Ride-Hailing in Greece

  • Vinay Jain
  • January 12, 2024
Best Taxi Apps for Ride-Hailing in Greece

Best Taxi Apps for Ride-Hailing in Greece

Nowadays, everyone uses apps for travel because they're handy and don't cost much. In this group, apps like Uber and Lyft are super popular. They match passengers with drivers who are going the same way. These apps are used all over the world, including on the beautiful island of Crete in Greece. Crete is famous for its stunning views, rich history, and lively culture, which attract lots of tourists. For people visiting Crete, these ride-hailing apps are a simple way to get around. They can see all the famous spots and historic places easily by using their phones. These apps make it easy to call a ride, get picked up where they are, and go wherever they want to go.

Traveling in Greece and looking for a good taxi can be tough. But thanks to technology, there are now some great taxi apps that make it much easier to get around. The best ones to use in Greece are Beat, Taxibeat, and Uber. These apps let you book easily, have trustworthy drivers, and have clear prices, so a lot of travelers prefer them.

Best Taxi Apps in Greece

Check out these really popular taxi apps that everyone in Greece loves to use:If you want a handy and dependable way to travel around Greece, try using taxi apps. Beat is a top choice there. It doesn't just offer taxi rides but also vans and electric scooters. The app is really easy to use; you can book a ride, watch where your driver is, and pay for your trip all in one place. Another good app is Taxibeat. It works a lot like Beat, with lots of drivers to choose from. Uber is also a solid option in Greece, known for being easy to use, having clear prices, and providing great service.



Uber is a big name in the ride-sharing world, always changing to fit different travel needs all over. It's famous for its easy-to-use app and offers everything from regular car rides to fancier options. Lately, Uber's also started delivering food with Uber Eats and trying out new things like rides in electric cars and self-driving delivery tests. They care about being eco-friendly and making things easier, like with Uber clone Travel for booking rides for trips and flights. Uber also looks out for its drivers, follows the rules, and lets them work flexibly. All these changes show how Uber keeps growing and playing a key role in how we travel and get things delivered in cities.



Lyft, now led by CEO David Risher, is changing its focus back to its main ride-hailing services. The company wants to make its operations simpler and more profitable. This means they might stop offering shared rides again, which they had brought back after the pandemic. This move is different from what Uber is doing, as Uber clone is into things like delivering food. Lyft is concentrating on providing rides that are reliable and well-priced, focusing on quick pick-ups and smooth service. This change is happening because Lyft faces challenges with its market position and stock value. They're trying to strengthen their role in the ride-hailing world and might look into growing their smaller transport options, like scooters and bikes.



Bolt, a big name in the ride-hailing world, is doing great in making its services better and reaching more people. It stands out because it charges drivers less than other companies, which makes rides cheaper for both drivers and customers. Bolt clone recently started letting people book rides up to three days early, which is handy. It's also trying out new things like delivering food and offering small rides, like on scooters. Bolt is already doing well in many places in Europe and Africa, and it keeps growing and coming up with new, affordable ways to help people get around.

Discover Greece with ease! Whether you're exploring the historic beauty of Crete or wandering through Athens, leading apps like Uber, Lyft, Bolt, and FreeNow have got you covered. Each offers unique features, from Uber's food delivery service to Bolt's wallet-friendly fares, and iMove's community support to Beat's diverse options. Don't forget FreeNow, which is rapidly expanding with its cool e-scooters and car rentals! As the Greek market thrives, local taxi companies must innovate with smart technology and eco-friendly strategies. Ready to explore Greece with these top-notch ride options?



iMove, a big taxi app in Greece, has changed the way people travel, especially in cities like Athens and popular spots like Mykonos and Paros. It makes getting around these places easy, cheap, and available to everyone. With iMove, you can quickly book a ride, pick where you want to be picked up and dropped off, and even plan rides ahead of time. The app lets you see where your driver is in real-time and follow your trip as it happens. Plus, iMove helps out with social causes by giving some of its money to charities. This mix of good transport services and helping the community makes iMove stand out in the world of taxi apps.



Beat, which used to be called Taxibeat, is a well-known taxi and ride-hailing app mainly used on smartphones and other mobile devices. Based in Athens, Greece, Beat is popular in Latin America and is growing fast there. The cool thing about Beat is how easy it is to get a ride with just a few taps. With the Beat Map, you can see and pick the car you want for your trip. The app is all about being convenient, quick, and giving great service. A special feature of Beat is Beat Envio, which lets people send or get stuff using Beat's driver network. In places like Peru and Argentina, Beat has started special services like the Beat Bus, which helps medical workers get around.



FreeNow clone a big app for different kinds of transport, is growing fast in the taxi and ride-hailing world. By 2027, it's expected to have 18.83 million users, growing at a rate of 3.25% each year. This growth is especially strong in its nine markets and 150 cities, with London doing particularly well after the pandemic.

Since Mariusz Zabrocki became the UK General Manager in 2019, FreeNow has had a lot more drivers, ride requests, and passengers. In one year, the number of drivers went up by 30%, ride requests by 11%, and passengers by 27%. People like the app because it offers lots of transport options, not just ride-hailing, but also car rentals, e-scooters, and more. This variety meets the increasing need for affordable and flexible ways to travel, making FreeNow stand out in the market.


In today's world, transportation apps are really important, especially in places with lots of tourists like Crete in Greece. Ride-hailing apps, known for being handy and not too expensive, are super popular. Big names like Uber, Lyft, Bolt, and FreeNow are in many countries, including Greece. They make it easy and efficient for tourists to see Crete's beautiful scenery and historic spots.

With so many taxi apps in Greece, taxi companies need to stay ahead. They need to develop taxi apps quickly, focusing on good value. By using the latest technology and caring about the environment, taxi businesses should upgrade their services. This includes having smart features and good marketing strategies, like those from Grepix. Doing this will help them stand out and do better than other taxi apps.

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