Revolutionizing Transportation in 2024: Explore Iraq's Top Taxi Apps

  • Vinay Jain
  • January 27, 2024
Revolutionizing Transportation in 2024: Explore Iraq's Top Taxi Apps

Revolutionizing Transportation in 2024: Explore Iraq's Top Taxi Apps

Iraq, a nation steeped in history and vibrant in its contemporary landscape, is undergoing a remarkable shift in its transportation sector. The advent of cutting-edge technology and mobile applications has brought about a profound transformation in the way individuals navigate their daily commutes.

Ride-hailing emerges as a revolutionary force in the mobility sector, transforming on-demand transportation. This includes personal rides, taxi services, and ride-pooling, all effortlessly arranged through mobile apps. Transportation network companies (TNCs), exemplified by trailblazers like Uber and Lyft, have introduced an era of unparalleled convenience and accessibility for both passengers and drivers. The global ride-hailing market, initially shaped by these pioneers, has now evolved with diverse regional players, many of which integrate traditional taxi services into a unified app, offering users the flexibility to book private rides or traditional taxis seamlessly.

In 2024, the expected revenue in Iraq's Passenger Cars market is poised to soar, reaching an impressive US$1,059.0 million. Fueled by a projected annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 10.15%, this surge is anticipated to culminate in a substantial market volume of US$1,559.0 million by 2028. Particularly noteworthy is the dominance of the SUV segment, commanding an estimated market volume of US$401.3 million in 2024. Projections for unit sales forecast a robust figure of 52.36 thousand vehicles sold in Iraq by the year 2028. The volume-weighted average price for Passenger Cars in the market is expected to stand at an impressive US$29.94 thousand in 2024.

Discover the future of transportation in Iraq with cutting-edge taxi apps! In 2024, the passenger car market is set to soar to $1,059.0 million, ushering in a new era of convenient mobility. From regional giant Careem to global player Uber and eco-friendly Bolt, each app brings its unique charm. Amin seamlessly combines real-time taxi reservations with delightful food delivery, while Baly offers a one-stop solution for both transportation and dining needs. Obr Taxi ensures a safe and reliable journey with a user-friendly platform. The taxi app landscape in Iraq is diverse, reflecting technology's transformative power. As we anticipate ongoing innovations, Grepix, an esteemed app development company, stands at the forefront, ready to contribute its decade-long expertise to shape the future of taxi services.

Top Ride-Hailing And Taxi Apps in Iraq


1.Careem: The Regional Giant

Leading the taxi app scene in Iraq is Careem, hailed as "The Regional Giant." This powerhouse in transportation technology, flourishing since its establishment in 2012, has evolved into a premier ride-hailing platform. Careem isn't just about rides; it's a comprehensive service hub, facilitating not only ride bookings but also food delivery and electronic payments via its mobile app. Renowned for innovation and customer satisfaction, Careem has rightfully earned its status as a transformative force in the MENA region's transportation and technology domains.


2. Uber: The Global Player

In the realm of Iraqi ride-hailing, Uber stands tall as "The Global Player." This colossal force in the industry, renowned worldwide for its unwavering service standards and global appeal, has left an indelible mark on Iraq. Whether you're a local or an international visitor, Uber promises a familiar, top-notch experience. Backed by an extensive network and technological brilliance, Uber takes the lead with its competitive edge in the Iraqi transportation landscape.


3. Bolt: European Efficiency in Iraq

Bolt, heralding "European Efficiency in Iraq," brings a touch of sophistication and an eco-friendly ethos to the transportation scene. Emerging from Europe, Bolt has become a favorite among those seeking a greener and economically savvy mode of travel. The company's dedicated stance toward minimizing its carbon footprint strikes a chord with riders who prioritize environmental consciousness, adding a distinctive allure to Bolt's presence in Iraq.


4. Amin: rides, food delivery

Amin, the epitome of convenience, seamlessly blends real-time and pre-scheduled taxi reservations with a delectable food delivery service through its mobile application. Extending its reach across all governorates of Iraq, including prominent locations like Baghdad, Najaf, Babylon, and Holy Karbala, Amin stands as a beacon of trust. With official registration in relevant government departments, accompanied by certificates for establishment and licensing, Amin has garnered the necessary official approvals. The smart application flaunts a user-friendly interface, ensuring passengers can effortlessly book taxis within city centers and districts.


5. Baly: Order Taxi and Food

Baly stands as a versatile marvel, offering an intuitive mobile application that seamlessly blends the worlds of taxi booking and food delivery. This unique app empowers users to effortlessly summon taxi rides to their chosen destinations and place delectable food orders from beloved local restaurants. Baly's mission is clear: to present users with a holistic and convenient solution, addressing both their transportation and dining needs in one unified platform. Whether it's a swift ride to a restaurant or the desire for a favorite meal delivered directly to their doorstep, Baly ensures a streamlined experience, simplifying the navigation of city transportation and culinary options.

Obr Taxi

6.Obr Taxi

Obr Taxi emerges as a cutting-edge mobile application, presenting an efficient and user-friendly platform dedicated to booking taxi services. With Obr Taxi at your fingertips, users can effortlessly summon rides to their desired destinations, closely monitor their drivers in real-time, and relish in a transportation experience that seamlessly combines convenience and reliability. The app places paramount importance on user safety and satisfaction, incorporating features like thorough driver background checks and ratings. Obr Taxi strives to streamline the process of navigating your way around, offering a seamless solution for those seeking transportation services. Whether it's a daily commute, a journey to the airport, or a night out on the town, Obr Taxi stands ready to provide a hassle-free and comfortable ride.


7. Kubinga

Kubinga is leading the way in Angola's taxi app scene as a local startup that really understands what Angolan travelers need. It's known for being reliable and in tune with the local culture, covering big cities like Luanda, Huambo, and Lobito. Its app is easy to use for booking rides, and with its fair prices and various payment methods, including mobile money, Kubinga makes traveling convenient and pleasing for its customers.


The panorama of taxi apps in Iraq is both diverse and dynamic, with each application showcasing distinct strengths. Whether it's the local integration of Careem, Sandoog's profound understanding of Iraqi streets, Uber's adherence to global standards, or Bolt's eco-friendly initiatives, these apps provide more than just transportation—they embody a testament to how technology can revolutionize everyday life for both residents and visitors in Iraq.

Looking ahead, the anticipation grows as we contemplate the ongoing innovation and contributions these platforms will make to Iraq's burgeoning economy and urban development. Whether it involves the introduction of electric vehicles, expansion into additional cities, or the integration of more local services, the prospective future of taxi apps in Iraq is both promising and luminous.

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