Best Taxi Apps in Finland: Streamlining Your Travel Experience

  • Vinay Jain
  • January 29, 2024
Best Taxi Apps in Finland: Streamlining Your Travel Experience

Best Taxi Apps in Finland: Streamlining Your Travel Experience

Finland, celebrated for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant urban centers, has embraced the digital revolution with a variety of taxi apps, making travel easy and efficient. For both residents and visitors in this Nordic paradise, these apps, developed in partnership with Applical Applications, offer a reliable way to explore the country. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to Finland’s most popular taxi apps, enhanced by Applical Applications' innovative technology, to help you effortlessly navigate the Finnish transport landscape.

Gone are the days of taxi business challenges, thanks to technological advancements. The development of responsive and efficient taxi apps, a forte of Applical Applications, has transformed the industry. In Finland, our taxi booking apps and ridesharing platforms are the preferred solutions, offering convenience at your fingertips. Finland, a top travel destination, is not just about the beauty of its lakes and architecture. It's also a hub of innovation, home to brands like Nokia, and now, Applical Applications. Although well-connected by buses and trains, the Finnish often opt for trams. But with our apps, when trams aren’t available, ridesharing is just a tap away.

Particularly useful when driving is not an option, our ridesharing apps in Finland, including unique services like "KELA taxi" for healthcare journeys, stand out. The ride-hailing market in Finland, flourishing with our involvement, saw revenues of $1.04 billion in 2021, projected to rise to $1.19 billion this year.

Explore Finland effortlessly with cutting-edge taxi apps! From the vibrant streets of Helsinki to the serene landscapes of Oulu, these user-friendly apps, including Bolt, Uber, Menevä, and local favorites like Lähitaksi and Otaxi, redefine travel convenience. Developed by the renowned Appicial Applications, these apps offer seamless booking, real-time tracking, and cashless payments. FixuTaxi stands out in Tampere, ensuring affordable and transparent rides. Whim Taxi revolutionizes mobility, making urban travel stress-free. Join the digital revolution and experience Finland's beauty, one ride at a time!

Top Ride-Hailing And Taxi Apps in Finland


1. Uber

Uber has become a key player in Finland's transport network, particularly in Helsinki. Its app allows for easy ride requests, driver tracking, and electronic payments. Known for competitive prices and dependable service, Uber's successful ride-sharing formula is now a part of Finnish urban life.


2. Bolt

Bolt, once known as Taxify, stands out in Finland's ridesharing scene. Available in key cities such as Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, and Oulu, Bolt simplifies taxi booking with its easy-to-use app. Its features like live tracking and cashless transactions make every ride smooth for both residents and tourists.


3. Menevä

Menevä, a Finnish taxi app, links riders with local drivers, standing out for its eco-conscious approach. It goes beyond regular taxis by offering the choice of electric or hybrid vehicles, promoting a healthier planet.


4.Taksi Helsinki

Taksi Helsinki, launched in 1989, has been a leader in Finland's taxi industry, focusing on safe and accessible travel. Operating around the clock, this Helsinki-centric service is owned by over a thousand local taxi entrepreneurs. As Finland's largest taxi firm, it provides at least 1300 daily rides. Besides regular trips, Taksi Helsinki also offers airport transfers and tourist sightseeing tours. In 2021, the company proudly reported profits of $5.1 million.


5. Lähitaksi

Lähitaksi, rooted in Vantaa, Finland since 1965, has been a reliable ride service, available 24/7. Founded by taxi professionals, it now serves 24 cities with a robust fleet of over 1400 taxis, addressing various passenger travel needs with ease.Lähitaksi stands out as a leading taxi service across several Finnish cities. Its user-friendly app enables quick taxi bookings for a smooth journey. Known for its dedication to quality and dependability, Lähitaksi has earned the trust of locals and visitors alike.


6. Otaxi

Otaxi, also known as Oulun Aluetaksi Oy in Finnish, stands as a distinguished taxi service in Finland. Since its inception in 1991, this reputable yellow-roofed taxi enterprise has epitomized sophistication and elegance. It boasts a remarkable fleet of environmentally friendly electric green taxis, catering to both small and large groups. Otaxi operates seamlessly in various regions across the country, including Oulu, Liminka, Tyrnäva, and Muhos. Ensuring accessibility every day of the year, Otaxi provides a classically stylish and dependable transportation experience.

Boasting a workforce of nearly 1000 seasoned professionals, the company efficiently manages a fleet of over 600 vehicles to address the diverse transportation requirements of individuals. Otaxi goes above and beyond standard point-to-point travel, setting itself apart by extending its services to the transportation of goods and food. In addition, the company offers specialized services, including safe school rides. This renowned brand transcends the boundaries of conventional taxi services, presenting a comprehensive array of transportation solutions.


7. Amber Mobility

In 2018, the brokerage service, 02 Taksi Oy, emerged as the epitome of "Taxi options in your pocket" in Finland. This innovative platform has strategically partnered with over 40 reputable taxi services, such as Meneva, Tatsilla, Liuttu, and K-taxi, presenting a diverse range of choices all within a single user-friendly app.

02 Taksi is committed to providing an exceptional experience without compromising on affordability. Their dedication to transparency shines through in the app, where passengers can effortlessly compare prices and pre-order rides, ensuring a seamless and informed booking process. Covering a substantial 90% of Finland, this service makes taxi booking not only convenient but also widely accessible for a diverse range of customers.


8. Whim

Whim Taxi in Finland stands as a revolutionary force in the realm of mobility services, fundamentally altering the landscape of travel within the country. Through its intuitive app, Whim presents a comprehensive solution for transportation needs, seamlessly incorporating taxi services. Users can effortlessly book taxis, monitor their journeys in real-time, and conduct cashless transactions—all under one platform. Whim's amalgamation of diverse transportation modes, subscription options, and unwavering commitment to safe and reliable taxi services has positioned it as a favored choice for both locals and visitors in Finland. It has truly redefined urban mobility, delivering a holistic and stress-free transportation experience.


9. Kovanen

Moving on to Kovanen, this taxi company serves various Finnish cities, providing a user-friendly app for effortless taxi bookings. Kovanen offers a range of vehicle options, allowing passengers to select according to their preferences and requirements.


10. FixuTaxi

In the Tampere region, FixuTaxi takes the spotlight as a prominent taxi service. With a firm commitment to transparent and affordable pricing, FixuTaxi has become a trusted choice for residents and visitors alike. Renowned for their dedication to reliability and comfort, FixuTaxi has established a reputation for professionalism and customer satisfaction in the Tampere area, making them the go-to option for those seeking efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.

FixuTaxi stands out as a distinguished taxi app operating predominantly in the vibrant Tampere region. Its core emphasis lies in delivering pricing that is both affordable and transparent, ensuring a commendable experience for its valued customers. Through the intuitive FixuTaxi app, passengers enjoy the seamless ability to book taxis, monitor their journeys with precision, and conveniently handle payments.


In Finland, the advent of user-friendly taxi apps has revolutionized transportation for residents and visitors alike. The featured top taxi apps in this blog not only provide convenience and safety but also offer a diverse range of options to cater to various passenger preferences. Whether navigating the lively streets of Helsinki, exploring the charming towns of Turku or Tampere, or discovering the serene landscapes of Oulu, these apps ensure seamless travel throughout Finland.

Equipped with real-time tracking, electronic payment facilities, and a commitment to sustainability, these taxi apps mirror Finland's dedication to efficiency and environmental responsibility. When you find yourself in need of transportation in Finland, consider using one of these leading taxi apps for a more enjoyable and stress-free journey. Explore the beauty of Finland, one ride at a time, with the assistance of these exceptional taxi apps.

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