Transforming Urban Mobility: Top 10 Taxi Apps Shaping Kenya's Streets

  • Vinay Jain
  • December 15, 2023
Transforming Urban Mobility: Top 10 Taxi Apps Shaping Kenya's Streets

Transforming Urban Mobility: Top 10 Taxi Apps Shaping Kenya's Streets

In Kenya's bustling urban hubs, where cities like Nairobi are in perpetual motion, the demand for reliable and efficient transportation is paramount. Innovative taxi apps have emerged as the solution, revolutionizing how Kenyans navigate their cities. This article explores the top taxi apps that have taken the Kenyan market by storm, providing seamless rides and redefining urban mobility. Navigating the busy streets of Nairobi or Mombasa has never been more convenient, thanks to a myriad of cutting-edge taxi apps offering simplicity at the tap of a screen.

Top 10 Taxi App Development Company in Kenya


1. Uber: A Global Giant in Ride-Sharing

Uber requires no introduction, having evolved into a global powerhouse in the ride-sharing sector. Nairobi is no exception to the fact that Uber stands among the most popular ride-hailing applications worldwide. With options like UberX and UberPOOL, users can easily choose a vehicle that aligns with their needs and budget. Uber's sophisticated mapping system ensures users are directed to the fastest and most cost-effective routes, saving them both time and money.

Uncover the transformative impact of taxi apps on the streets of Kenya with our guide to the top 10 apps shaping the transportation landscape. This blog post explores the features, services, and innovations offered by these apps, contributing to the efficient and convenient commuting experiences of Kenyan residents.

Surprisingly, Uber has been a part of Nairobi since 2015. The business has consistently expanded and is currently operational in several locations across Kenya. Uber not only provides users with a convenient and economical means of transportation but has also generated job opportunities for thousands of drivers in Nairobi and other regions.

Given the company's extensive global network of drivers, users can seamlessly order a cab from their local town to Nairobi, allowing for easy price comparison. The transparency in pricing is further enhanced by Uber's regular updates on travel costs.Uber offers a variety of services in Kenya, including:


2. Bolt (formerly Taxify): Transforming Nairobi's Ride-Hailing Experience

In Nairobi, Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, stands as another well-received ride-hailing service. Bolt places a strong emphasis on dependability and affordability, offering an extensive array of ride options such as Bolt Lite and Bolt XL to cater to diverse user needs. The platform ensures a transparent experience by providing up-front pricing and offering payment options including cash, credit card, or mobile money.A distinctive feature of Bolt is its loyalty program, Bolt Rewards. Through this initiative, riders accumulate points for each ride, which can later be redeemed for savings on subsequent journeys. This customer-centric approach is a testament to Bolt's commitment to providing a more fulfilling experience for its clients.


3. inDriver: Redefining the Ride-Hailing Experience in Nairobi

With the innovative ride-hailing app, inDriver clone, riders gain the flexibility to customize their fares. To book a ride, passengers simply need to provide their destination and the desired fare amount. Subsequently, based on the offered fare, drivers can opt to accept or decline the journey. This presents an excellent option for budget-conscious riders, although it may not be the ideal choice for those seeking a more conventional ride-hailing experience.

InDriver, established in Russia in 2012, has expanded its footprint to over 300 locations globally, including Nairobi. Beyond providing passengers with a cutting-edge transportation mode, InDriver has significantly broadened career opportunities for thousands of drivers worldwide.Whether you reside in Nairobi or are just visiting, these premier taxi apps, including inDriver, enhance the convenience and enjoyment of your travels. With a diverse range of features and ride options available, there's something for everyone. So, why not give one (or all) of these apps a try now and discover why they stand among the best in the market?


4. Little Cab: Elevating Nairobi's Ride-Hailing Experience

Little Cab, a prominent ride-hailing service, has etched its name in Kenya's transportation landscape through a collaboration with Safaricom, one of the country's leading telecom providers. Offering various ride options, including Little Basic and Little Comfort, Little Cab places a significant emphasis on convenience and customer service. Customers also enjoy the flexibility to pay with cash, credit card, or mobile money.It might surprise you to learn that Little Cab's parent company is none other than Safaricom, one of Kenya's largest telecom entities. This strategic collaboration has allowed Little Cab to leverage Safaricom's extensive network and resources, contributing to its status as one of Nairobi's most preferred ride-hailing apps.


5. Mondo Ride: Revolutionizing Nairobi's Transportation Landscape

Mondo Ride, Africa's intelligent taxi app, is seamlessly accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, we are currently experiencing rapid growth throughout Africa. Mondo Ride's popularity is soaring due to its commitment to providing diverse transportation choices, including motorcycles, tuk-tuks, and taxis, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. Unique features such as real-time tracking capabilities and upfront pricing further distinguish Mondo Ride.

Our mission is to enhance driver productivity and customer satisfaction, city by city. Operating around the clock, our localized ride-hailing service offers a comprehensive range of transportation options, including Standard, Budget, and Large taxi products, along with Boda Bodas (motorcycles) and Tuktuks. Additionally, we provide a corporate solution that streamlines transportation requirements. Staff members can seamlessly transition between private and business profiles, while receptionists can efficiently schedule rides for significant clients visiting the area. With our dashboard and the option to pay by invoice, businesses have complete control over the transportation and expenses of their employees.

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6. SafeBoda: Pioneering Safe and Proficient Road Travel

SafeBoda originated with a small group of boda drivers gathering for lunch, sharing stories, and forming a community dedicated to becoming the most proficient and secure drivers on the road today. The extensive training undertaken by drivers is a testament to their commitment to excellence.The SafeBoda clone community plays a crucial role in helping drivers grow their businesses, benefiting not only the drivers themselves but also their families and the larger community.As a venture-funded company with support from backers like Go-Ventures (GoJek), Allianz X, and Unbound, SafeBoda has made a significant impact on millions of people in East and West Africa. Providing innovative solutions for daily travel, SafeBoda continues to redefine the norms of safe and reliable transportation.


7. MyRide Africa: Revolutionizing Public Transportation with Innovative Tech Solutions

MyRide Africa, a mobility-focused TechStartup, leverages mobile technology to simplify public transportation in Africa, making it easy, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. Notably, around 80% of public transportation in Africa remains unorganized and informal, leading to the highest commuter pain index.In response to the challenges in this $20 billion+ industry, MyRide Africa has developed intriguing tech and social solutions to enhance service delivery. Having traversed five African nations, we identified common issues faced by travelers, rendering our solution easily scalable throughout the continent.


8. Swvl: Transforming Mass Transit Solutions with Technological Innovation

Swvl clone, a tech-enabled mass transit solutions provider headquartered in Dubai, offers comprehensive transportation services and products for intracity, intercity, B2B, and B2G applications. Operating in 135 cities across 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, Swvl stands at the forefront of revolutionizing transportation.

Recognizing the daily commuting challenges faced by many Kenyans who rely on Matatus, Swvl has developed a Matatu hailing app for public convenience. This app allows users to pay with Mpesa and request a bus to pick them up at a specified location. With the ability to track the approaching Matatu, users can conveniently follow its journey. Swvl's buses are not only reasonably priced but also provide a comfortable and safe commuting experience.


9. HAVA: Transforming On-Demand Taxi Services in East Africa and the Middle East

Hava, a contemporary company with a strong presence in East Africa and the Middle East, is a rapidly growing online taxi business dedicated to providing on-demand taxi services in major cities and towns. As one of the locally developed taxi applications available in Kenya, the Hava app was launched in 2018. This launch marked a significant shift, empowering neighborhood taxis to compete with large corporations that previously dominated the market.

While Hava primarily serves Nairobi, users have the flexibility to book a taxi from any town in the nation. We stand as the ultimate solution to your transportation needs, offering a diverse selection of options, from various car types to nearby drivers. With the Hava cab app, users can effortlessly and swiftly book a taxi using their smartphones, choosing from options like Swift, Classic, HavaXL, and Parcel.


10. JIMCAB: Elevating Private Transportation Services

Jimcab Services Limited, a distinguished private transportation company, boasts a rich history of delivering exceptional services. Specializing in providing corporate taxi and car rental services, Jimcab is dedicated to offering high-quality, personalized experiences to individuals.

Through their user-friendly app, individuals can seamlessly arrange for the pick-up and drop-off of 4- and 6-passenger vehicles. Jimcab offers an extensive range of vehicles for hire, including buses, Landcruiser Prados, saloon sedans, minivans, and vans with nine and fourteen seats. The company goes the extra mile by providing shuttles to cater to large-scale passenger transportation needs, particularly for corporate employees.

The Future of Taxi Apps in Kenya

As technology shapes the future of transportation in Kenya, these taxi apps, developed by Grepix Infotech, lead the revolution. With features like cashless payments, real-time tracking, and driver ratings, these apps not only change how Kenyans travel but also contribute to the evolution of a more connected and efficient urban transport system.In the coming years, continuous innovations and enhancements from Grepix Infotech's taxi apps will further streamline the experience of navigating Kenya's cities. The competition among these apps is poised to drive improvements, ensuring top-notch service and cutting-edge technology for Kenyan commuters.


As Nairobi's digital landscape flourishes, Grepix Infotech, whether as a startup or an established business, plays a pivotal role in shaping the city's mobile app development market. Embracing opportunities, creativity, and technological potential, Grepix Infotech contributes to the success and growth of Kenya's tech-savvy populace. The moment is ripe, and the journey is yours to take – venture into the Nairobi mobile app development market with Grepix Infotech and leave a lasting impression on Kenyan users.

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