10 Key Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

  • Vinay Jain
  • March 03, 2021
10 Key Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

10 Key Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

We are staying in the digital community where technology is growing so fast and consumer satisfaction is most important for the companies. If you are not familiar with the latest trends in Digital marketing which are taking off to rule the globe in the next succeeding years then its still not yet late to get in touch with the new digital marketing trends 2022.

1. Artificial Intelligence Trend

digital marketing trends

Artificial Intelligence is showing up in all different kinds across business techniques and marketing. You can utilize it to improve communications, data analysis, track deals and project consumer behavior routines, and free your team for other duties. Assess AI as an investment asset across the board.

A bunch of the buzzwords about Artificial intelligence we listen to each day. It functions in analyzing investigation patterns and consumer behaviour. Its main purpose is to collect data from different blog posts and social media platforms which assist big companies and industries to understand how buyers find their favourite services and products.

2. Voice Search Trend

digital marketing trends

Make sure you are optimizing your content for voice as well as text searches as surplus users are surveying this way with the majority of smart home devices and hands-free. You should prefer to prioritize these analytics as well to grade in searches.

Digital marketers can't afford to resist Voice search. As per research, it is told that by 2021, 70% of all the questionings will be voice searches. This certainly has a tremendous impact on search trends which compels it attains a very important place in new trends of digital marketing.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead is crucial for business success. Our latest blog explores the 10 key digital marketing trends set to dominate in 2022. From the rise of AI-powered personalization to the growing importance of video content, this comprehensive guide provides actionable insights to help businesses harness the power of the latest trends and elevate their digital marketing strategies.

3. Shoppable Posts Trend

digital marketing trends

Study shows that buyers are more likely to buy with a streamlined shopping ordeal so utilize the components of apps to organize sell across outlets. It’s all about minimizing nuisance and mitigating losing clients moving between sites or apps. 

As you all know that social media is implied to be the greatest platform for online trade. You will be surprised when you realize the number of people stores via social. Based on current analysis, 60% of Instagram users confessed that they find fresh and latest products on Instagram. Over 4000 users of Pinterest confessed that Pinterest helps them is finding out new commodities. 

It is noticeable that the ultimate number of people use these platforms to shop.  

4. Video marketing trend

Video marketing trend

You just can't ignore that 60 percent of consumers say that watching product videos before buying gives them a further clear picture of the commodity which makes them more convinced about buying the stock. When it gets to digital marketing trends 2021, Video marketing is the spine of digital marketers.

Enormous content will be of significance and curiosity to your buyers especially if it builds an experience. Imagine promoting DIY videos, creator narrative stories, styling videos, or partnering with regional videographers to tell statements appropriate to your audience. It is all about the suggestive sell and utilizing it to build your name.

Lets take an illustration that if you are purchasing the commodity then what is the first thing that appears to your mind? Of course! The following issues will pop up in front of you:

  • What is it?
  • When should I purchase it?
  • How do I pay for it?
  • Who is it a good/not promising fit for?
  • How much does it amount to?
  • Why do I want it?

5. Social Messaging Applications Trend


Likewise, meet your buyer where they are and make it simple for them to stay attached to you. Natural discussions support their brand knowledge and improve the probability that they’ll feel knowledgeable as well as help. Digital marketing trends for 2022 will confirm that Social media apps like WeChat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are no longer the methods to discuss with your friends. These apps are evolving popular norms for entrepreneurs to deal with their valued consumers. Facebook Messenger inspects more than fifteen billion messages returned among people and digital marketers every month.

Here are some approaches the business entities have optimized for troubling messaging applications:

  • Building contact and forming connections.
  • Educating consumers about the brands manufactured Sales promotions.
  • To organize programs.
  • Retrieving client base Reworking the consumer support system customer service.
  • Last but not least tremendous content Convert Leads into Customers.

But how will you learn the answer? And this is where video can impact the customer in purchasing the product. Making videos about your stock can be very helpful for you to persuade the consumer and making them mentally happy before completing the payment.

6. Interactive Content Trend

digital marketing trends

And when it gets to the Digital marketing trends 2022, Content is the king. AR/VR, 360-degree video, Shoppable posts, surveys and questionings are few instances of interactive content. Content is the hugest reason for a user to remain longer on your site. It automatically improves your brand awareness.

7. Programmatic Advertising Trend

digital marketing trends

Programmatic advertising is altering the method of digital publicity so rapidly. Using AI for automating ad buying which permits us to target a more specific audience. E.g.– Real-time bidding is an excellent way of programmatic ad buying. As per the eMarketer, In the United States, there will be 86.2% of digital exhibition programmatic ads by 2022.

8. AI-Powered Chatbots Trend

AI-Powered Chatbots Trend

Capitalize in a custom, immediate customer support substitute that will react to problems and commit your site visitors on-page. You’ll moreover collect data about familiar problems and patterns of information.

9. AR and VR Technology advancement Trend

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In today is scenario, humans are busier and might not be able to call upon your retail space or they’re trying to visualize how your brand conforms into their life. Developing immersive trade taps into how pictorial we are, indicates your brand is cutting edge and develops a diverse, remarkable offering. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality have stroked the height of fame in the last years and are quickly thriving to be one of the prominent trade designs. While VR was the better well-known of the two for quite a time, it is a truth that AR will outpace VR by 2020 or say, 2022 in comparison to VR.

AR is nowadays finding its importance with corporations like the Swedish based international group in the furnishings business viz., IKEA. Latest in digital marketing sensations overstate the usage of the internal application and with the assistance of AR, consumers can examine what kind of furnishings is as per their preference before entering the material store.

10. Google Apps: the tool for flexible bidding

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Digital marketing recent trends substantiate that industrialization is the same old stuff in the marketing area, nevertheless, because of enduring Google Ads remodels reported at Google Marketing Live, you may foresee that industrialization and smart bidding should set criteria for numerous PPC accounts administrators. 

Google Ads relies on-device learning to simplify your bidding effort so that you earn the maximum value on the mutation. The intensifications broadcasted at Google Marketing Live have enabled your bids ever beheld before with the potential to pick mutation activities to the extent of the campaigning phenomenon.


It is tough to keep up with the changing marketing strategies so here we have summarized our top 10 digital marketing trends 2021 which are enduring in the digital marketing era. Examine the new trends in digital marketing and retain your main emphasis on existing consumers by regularly reworking yourself with the latest online marketing fashions in 2022.

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