Why Taxi Business Needs Mobile Apps For Insane Growth?

  • Vinay Jain
  • July 21, 2017s
Why Taxi Business Needs Mobile Apps For Insane Growth?

Why Taxi Business Needs Mobile Apps For Insane Growth?

And with that we have businesses which have act as a catalyst between traditional industry & customers, one such industry is the Taxi booking industry which has been revolutionized by multi-billion companies like UBER, LYFT & OLA which have used technology as its main tool & have changed the whole business model.

The growth has been so powerful that UBER has been valued more than $50 billion which makes $6 billion in 2016 only & that too without owning any cars or drivers as employees. Uber has motivated many entrepreneurs to create an app similar to Uber. Before getting in details or to know about the cost it is essential to know the components also called “On-Demand apps.

Grepix Infotech is expert and best Mobile App Development Company in India. We have designed and developed app like Uber. It is clearly understood that the market for these kinds of services is exponentially huge & maybe the next revolution in transportation history of the world.

Let us see the reason behind the popularity of these companies & services & why are they making so much money.

Customer friendly

It all needs a one tap on your Smartphone to book a cab of your choice & at your preferred time. These services are solving a problem that every customer faced while hiring a taxi. They gave customers to choose their hire time, the type of vehicle with additional services like wifi, infotainment etc along with the main problem of fair charges on which traditional taxis had a monopoly earlier.

Unlock the potential for insane growth in the taxi business by understanding the importance of mobile apps. Our blog post explores why a mobile app is crucial for the success and expansion of taxi businesses. From customer convenience to operational efficiency, discover how embracing mobile technology can propel your taxi business to new heights.

Technology uses

Customers can track the trip & view on maps. User can estimate the time it takes to reach their destination & cost also. Customer concerned about certain safety issues, In appicial’s - Hire Me taxi app solution, there is an emergency contact option which is a big safety function during any emergency. You can mail and message trip details and Driver’s Information and share across social media platform also.

Useful for Drivers

The usefulness of these services are not restricted only to passengers but drivers have also adopted these services with both their hands because of the various benefits they make through these services.

Like in appicial's uber clone taxi app solution drivers get the fare detail notification with the pickup address, destination address the timing for the booking from the passenger. Also, Driver makes their profile with legal certificates and can also view their trip history as well as earnings & since these services are used by many users therefore they creates more money for drivers and taxi owners than the traditional taxi booking model.

A perfect business model: Uber has become the largest taxi providing operator without owning a single taxi or driver as there employee. Similarly, uber clone taxi app has huge potential & one can get almost up to 200% ROI with the right solutions and execution.

These taxi app are the perfect business model as they create so much value for the customers, the service provider (drivers & cabs) & the companies which operates them.

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