What Is Kotlin- the Official Language Of Android?

  • Vinay Jain
  • July 27, 2017
What Is Kotlin- the Official Language Of Android

What Is Kotlin- the Official Language Of Android?

Kotlin is the official programming language for Android app development. It is a versatile and modern language that offers many benefits to developers, including improved readability, concise syntax, and enhanced safety features. Developers use Kotlin to create Android applications that are efficient, reliable, and feature-rich.

From now, Android Studio 3.0 ships with Kotlin out of the box so the developers do not have to install any extra plug-in, tools & there will be no compatibility issues. Developers can go straight into programming with Kotlin as both Jetbrains & Google will provide support for android development in Kotlin.

Delve into the world of Android development with our guide to Kotlin, the official language of the platform. This blog post introduces Kotlin's features, advantages, and role enhancing Android app development. Whether you're a developer or an enthusiast, explore why Kotlin has become the preferred choice for building robust and efficient Android applications.

Kotlin supports other platforms like Kotlin/JVM for server and desktop, Kotlin/JS, and Kotlin/Native. Jetbrains has visioned Kotlin as the uniform tool for end-to-end development of various applications bridging various platforms with the same language. This includes full-stack web applications, Android and iOS clients, embedded/IoT.

Jetbrains has entered into a non-profit partnership with google for a foundation for kotlin.

Some Features of Kotlin

1. Kotlin makes code Concise

It drastically reduces the amount of code.

2. Kotlin is Inter-operable

Developers can use existing libraries for JVM, Android & browser which are compatible with Kotlin.

3. Kotlin is Safe

Various class of errors like null pointer exceptions can be avoided completely by using Kotlin.

4. Kotlin is Tool Friendly

Developers can choose any Java IDE or build from the command line.

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