Major Factors And Cost To Calculate While Creating A Mobile App

  • Vinay Jain
  • Jan 23, 2020
Major Factors And Cost To Calculate While Creating A Mobile App

Major Factors And Cost To Calculate While Creating A Mobile App

Choose a mobile app development company based on its delivery management, testing methods, design, and security features provided. Developing an app with basic features could cost you as little as $10000 or millions of dollars. Look at the reviews, customer service, and feedback from the past and present clients. The company you choose must have great UX/UI designers. These are the points to consider when you want to select a company for app development.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Developing Mobile Apps

Every mobile app is different and developed using various tools. There is no standard rule for developing a mobile app. Free app calculators are available to estimate the development cost. The cost depends on the features, design, layout, tools used, integration technologies, content management, complexity of the app, the type of app, and the duration of developing the app.


When you spend time researching the best tools, technologies, and design elements you can use to develop an app, it gives you an insight so you know which part of the development you can spend more. You can use research to understand the level of complexity of the API integration, UI features, social media integration, and other factors to estimate the cost. A simple app needs an API integration, UI design, and components, subscriptions, sign up form, etc. Whether you are a startup or an established company, research is a crucial step you must take before approaching a development company.

Navigate the complexities of mobile app development with our in-depth exploration of the major factors and costs involved. This blog post provides valuable insights into considerations such as development complexity, features, platform selection, and ongoing maintenance. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects associated with creating a mobile app and make informed decisions for your app development project.


Understand the various aspects of the development of the apps. To develop a simple app with basic specifications, you need a minimum of 2 months and lesser cost. An app with a moderate level of complexity needs 3 to 4 months for development. The cost also increases with the complexity of design and features. A complex app costs millions of dollars for development as the duration of developing the app also increases.

Types Of Apps

1. Functionality Apps

It costs less to develop apps with basic functionality. The functionality and features you use could make a substantial or lightweight app. If you are developing an app for a single platform, it could reduce the cost. You can choose the best Android app development company when you want to build apps for the android platform. These are not a business app and are mostly for personal use and entertainment.

2. Data-Driven Apps

These are complex apps and are expensive to develop. They are built with multiple integrations of technologies, are platform-independent, and are built to support multi-languages. They use the resources of the devices such as the device memory to store libraries for processing various tasks. They might need an internet connection to work as it connects to servers. They might as well depend on the hardware of the device to function. A variety of apps developed for various industries that are data-driven.

3. Hybrid Apps

These are cross-platform apps that cost less as they need lesser APIs. It reduces the development cost as they have fewer features. For instance, gaming, lifestyle, entertainment apps are cost-effective and platform-independent. The cost of hybrid apps depends on the complexity of the apps. Hybrid apps are not as fast as native apps and cost less. If you are looking to develop an app that works faster, you need to have a good budget to develop one.

Testing, Upgrade And Maintenance

You need to set a budget for testing, as this is one of the crucial aspects of app development. It is essential to test the app at every stage of development. Testing apps numerous times before launching the app ensures the success of the app. Apps that have not been tested for real-time functionality are deemed to fail after they hit the market. You have to estimate the maintenance and development costs as well when you develop the app. Calculate the cost of upgrades based on the frequency at which you want to upgrade the cost. Most of the apps are updated every 3 to 6 months.


The duration to develop an app depends on the nature of the app you want to develop. The time of developing the app depends on its complexity and the technologies used. You have to calculate the additional resources you would require to develop an app. If you are outsourcing the development work, the cost varies for development companies in various countries. Asian companies charge lesser than the development companies in the U.S and European countries.


You have to include the cost of licensing and copyrights before the release. Launching apps in the app stores also require you to pay a certain amount. There is no fixed amount to formulate these additional costs that are mandatory. The licensing cost depends on the features and functionality used when developing an app.

Development Team

You can estimate the cost of the development team based on your research and the functionality of the app. Choosing a team gets the job done quicker and faster. Calculate the cost based on the hourly charges of the team. Complex apps need more people to develop and cut down the cost of the time spent on developing these apps.

Cost Of Using Various Features


These are essential features to have on every app and cost between $1000 to $10000. They are vital for users to get updates and notifications. The notifications can be sent in the form of text or image and have action buttons.


The users must be able to easily navigate between the menus, be able to perform various actions such as swiping, scrolling, etc. They must be able to switch back and forth between menus and pages with ease — the cost of this aspect of development costs between $250- $500.

Interactive Features

Messaging, social networking integration, icons, smilies, filters, effects, etc. start from $1000 depending on the type of media content you want to develop. It takes nearly 20 hours or more to develop these features. For the development of these features, Various programming languages and development kits are used. The cost depends on the technology used to build them.

Google Maps Integration

It takes 20 hours or more to develop map integration. The cost of developing this feature starts from $1000 and could increase if you want to use app logic to add additional features to the map integration. It is convenient to develop these apps using Google's services.

Chat And Messaging Service

The cost of developing chat and messaging service for an app ranges between $2000 to $4000. It takes more than 80 hours to develop this service and integrate it with the app. The features included in this service could estimate the cost of its development. Do you only need a chat service or a group chat? Do you need features like to save chat history, delete, emojis, etc. All these factors determine the cost of developing this service for your mobile app.

In-App Purchases

You can develop premium features for your app, which the users can purchase and use. It is easy to develop in-app purchases and cost between $750 to $2000. This cost depends on the number of features and functionalities you want to enable after a purchase.

Payment Gateway

You can choose from various payment methods to integrate with the app. You can choose from Google Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, or from a list of umpteen payment wallets. The cost to incorporate this feature ranges between $2500 to $5000. It requires more than 50 hours to integrate gateway APIs with the app.


Apps that need to store data locally need a database. The database needs to be set up and embedded in the library. Open-source solutions cost less when implementing a database. The cost of implementing database needs between $750-$1500.


The starting cost of executing customizable features is $1500. It could include a change in features, settings, control features, changing screens, display features, etc. It takes more than 35 hours to implement simple customization features.


These are the factors on which the development of the app depends. The size of the app, complexity of the functionality, features, upgrades, etc are a few things that add towards the cost of the development. You must test your app at every stage of development to get a better return on investment.

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