Why Hire a Freelancer When You Can Hire a Professional Company at the Same Price

  • Vinay Jain
  • November 04, 2019
Why Hire a Freelancer When You Can Hire a Professional Company at the Same Price

Why Hire a Freelancer When You Can Hire a Professional Company at the Same Price

When your business is grown, you need an app and there are few ways you can go either you can set up your in-house team to develop app who will handle iPhone app development from start to finish or if you have a high skilled tech staff company which are already technical skilled people who are experienced in mobile application development that you can easily set aside for a few months. This second option is not feasible for you. Now you have two options either you can hire a freelance developer or you can hire an app development agency. Now the problem is with which option you should go when you are running with a tight budget. If we see budget-wise, a freelancer might seem like an appealing choice which is relatively more affordable than the agency.

Why will you hire a standalone freelancer when you can hire a full-fledged app development team. Even if a company costs a little more upfront which only ensures a better return on investment in the long term? Suppose you are in business you know better how this thing plays a crucial role in seeing a long term way. So here we are explaining six compelling reasons why you should rather invest in an app development company than spend money on a freelancer when developing a mobile app for your business.

So we are discussing six reasons why you have invested in a mobile application development company rather than freelancer:

Make informed decisions when it comes to hiring resources for your development projects. Our blog post explores the advantages of choosing a professional company over freelancers, offering insights into the benefits of expertise, reliability, scalability, and comprehensive project management. From quality assurance to consistent communication, discover why hiring a professional company can be a strategic and cost-effective choice for your development needs.

1. More accountability-legal and ethical

Legal term refers that you can trust blindly on that and we know that reputed mobile app development company in India are state registered. The license issue is solid legal accountability. Reputed App Development Company is bound by law to fulfill the terms of the contract and on failing the promises they can be legally sued in the court. The reputed company takes care of these kinds of things and they also consider client review because bad client reviews might send their reputation in a tumbling situation. Based on points, you might be sure of receiving quality and reliable service.

On the other hand, standalone freelancer developers are private individuals working under civil laws but may not have additional taxes and state liabilities. They are getting rid of this kind of taxes which enforce them to offer low cost. It does risk and the possibility of law and accountability. If you are working with freelancer then there might be a chance that your freelancer could disappear without a trace and you could do little about it. Not only you have your project deadline in your hand but also end up spending more time and money finding with the new team and getting them to pick up from where the first one left. So to avoid such kind of scenarios, you need to perform an extensive background check of the individuals and you can also speak up with the previous clients to get the feedback of the freelancer.

2. Company is one-stop-shop

One-stop-shop term refers that when you are going to develop an application and you create an architecture of the application and you get to know that you required UX/UI designer, application developer, back end developer, database specialist, quality analyst, tester and app marketer if you wish and project manager who is responsible to tie this person. The most advantage of designers and developers of the same company is the better collaboration which impacts your project deadline and overall holistic quality. While having a standalone freelancer to develop your application leaves a loophole in the project. With freelancer designers and developers, working together is a real challenge. If you cleared this designer developer's challenges, you have to look points like registering on the app store, completing legalities, launching an app, creating pre and post-launch marketing, app store optimization, app marketing and promotion, handling customer feedback. If you go to hire an iPhone app development company, you would be fee these kinds of responsibilities and ensure that these kinds of responsibilities are handled by professional perfection.

3. Compact deadline

Yes, we agree that very few freelancers are committed with their tight deadlines but as I said finding such type of freelancers is a very typical job. When you are going to hire a mobile app development company, the deadline should be met with correctness. In the app development company, designers and developers work together who are responsible to work on each stage of the work and pass on the work in the next phase. Multiple checkpoints play a very crucial role in adhering to the deadline. So everybody thanks multiple checkpoints. With the help of multiple checkpoints, you can check the progress of the project anytime and make sure that the team is working with schedule time.

4. Random emergency solutions

If the freelancer is unable to complete the project in the given deadline or fall sick and if the project runs into a roadblock so that this app is required special permission or unique skills while on the other hand, the app development company is well staffed and well-skilled people. So if you have ever an emergency or you need some expertise or you want to add unique features, the mobile application development company can do this for you in a straightforward manner.

5. More organized and systematic

Well organized your app development team affects the quality of the app whereas the project manager coordinates the overall project, so the app development company puts the checks on every stage of the project to see the progress of the project. The organized road map contains multiple checkpoints with the estimated deadline for each phase. With the help of organized and systematic procedure, you do not need to wait for the month to cross-check everything. Instead, you can check out reviews and give your feedback on the design of the week.

6. Cost

Pricing is the main factor in the phase of application development. Of course, the app development company will charge higher than a freelancer. But you know you cannot decide for the future on keeping the cost factor only. You have to look out the reliability of the app. If you spend more, you will get a professional and unique design which might be difficult to find anyone. You will have to spend money on other pre-launch and post-launch activities like optimization, marketing, promotion, and maintenance, etc. A good app development company provides a complete breakup of the cost in which lets you know exactly how much you are spending. spending more amount will give you a professionally made app that brings you significantly higher revenue and greater return on investment.


In the final word, if you do not have a budget problem, it is advised to go with a professional iPhone mobile application development company in India to get their service. It is always a better idea to invest your money in a professional app development agency.

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