What Makes Swift a Powerful Language for iOS Development?

  • Vinay Jain
  • September 16, 2021
What Makes Swift a Powerful Language for iOS Development?

What Makes Swift a Powerful Language for iOS Development?

So, you are looking to choose Swift app development, right?

Well, that is the reason, you have landed here, finding the reasons to choose the language for your mushrooming businesses!
The open-source LLVM compiler infrastructure is used to create this powerful and intuitive programming language. It makes use of the Objective-C runtime library, which allows C, Objective-C, C++, and Swift code to run smoothly in the same program.

Important Facts & Statistics You Must Know About Swift

Swift was debuted at Apple's 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference, according to Wikipedia (WWDC). In 2014, it received a minor update to version 1.2, followed by a big upgrade to Swift 2 at WWDC 2015.

  • Swift has been named the eighth most popular programming language for the year 2019.
  • Swift is a programming language that programmers adore. When it comes to programming languages, Swift ranks fourth.
  • AIn comparison to other app development languages, Swift pays highly. The average annual salary for a Swift iOS app developer is $54-57k.
  • The TIOBE and PYPL indexes confirm that Swift's popularity and use are growing year after year.

Top 6 reasons to choose Swift for App Development

Here is the list of the reasons that show Swift is the Future for iOS App Developers:

1. Improved Readability

Swift is undeniably easier to read and write than most other languages because of its simple syntax. When compared to Objective-C code, Swift code is usually more concise, resulting in software that runs smoothly and rapidly. This is due to Swift's lack of use of semicolons at the end of lines and brackets around conditional expressions inside if/else statements. In addition, the method and function call in Swift employs a comma-separated list of parameters within the brackets, which simplifies and cleans up the coding in Swift.

In general, Swift codes resemble plain English texts, allowing developers to save time by not having to spend as much time analyzing and searching for erroneous code.

Uncover the strengths of Swift, the powerful language driving iOS development, with our informative blog post. This guide explores the features, performance benefits, and developer-friendly aspects of Swift, making it an ideal choice for building high-quality and responsive iOS applications. Whether you're a developer or a business owner, understand why Swift is at the forefront of iOS app development.

2. Easy to Maintain

Objective-C can't evolve without C first evolving. Swift, on the other hand, lacks these dependencies, making it much easier to maintain. To optimize build time and code efficiency, programmers in C must maintain two code files, which is also true in Objective-C.

Swift, on the other hand, eliminates the need for two files by integrating the Objective-C header (.h) and implementation files (.m) into one code file (.swift). You must manually synchronize method names and comments between files in Objective-C. Programmers may spend more time developing app logic and enhancing the quality of their code, comments, and features with Swift.

Do not have time to implement it? if so, choose a reliable swift app development company that may help you create stunning apps for mobile and web.

3. Swift is a safer option

Developing a secure app should be a top concern in the competitive mobile app market. Swift's syntax and language structures eliminate a variety of problems that can occur in Objective-C. Because of this stability, there will be fewer crashes and instances of harmful behavior. It does not prevent programmers from producing incorrect code; rather, it reduces the likelihood of errors. This adds an extra layer of quality assurance to the development process.

When programmers create incorrect code, Swift uses the nil code and generates a compiler error. Swift allows you to compile and resolve problems while writing code, something that isn't feasible with Objective-C. As a result, when it comes to bug testing, Swift performs better and faster than Objective-C. All of this points to Swift being a safe and secure programming language.

4. Less Code

We've already said that Swift takes less coding because of its concise syntax and the fact that it doesn't use historical conventions like semicolons and brackets. This language is also less prone to errors due to its inline support for manipulating text strings and data.
In Swift, developers don't have to split classes into two parts: the interface and the implementation, which cuts the number of files in half and makes life easier for developers. When working with Objective-C, developers must join two strings, which lengthens the code; however, in Swift app development, you can easily combine two strings using the "+" symbol, which shortens the code and, of course, the developers' effort.

5. Speed

One of the main reasons why Swift Is the future for iOS app development is because it is too fast. It has many speed advantages, whether in the development or testing phases, lowering the cost of app development. In terms of numbers, the Swift app will be approximately 3.9x faster than a Python implementation of the identical technique. Swift is also faster than Objective-C since the latter needs two code files, but Swift only utilizes one, making it speedier.
Many developers compare Swift's performance to that of C++, which is widely regarded as one of the fastest programming languages. When Apple first introduced Swift to the market, it said unequivocally that its primary goal was to improve performance, allowing program logic to run significantly faster.

6. Open-Source

Swift became open-source in 2015, allowing it to be utilized on many platforms and for backend infrastructure. Because Swift is open-sourced, Apple will be able to get feedback from the community and make improvements regularly as independent developers contribute to the language's success. Swift has taken off not just because it is well-structured and conceived, but also because it has the support of a large number of developers.


Choosing the appropriate language is mostly determined by the type of app they desire. Although Swift borrows many features from Objective-C, it also adds a slew of new ones, allowing programmers to construct safer and more reliable programs.
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